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  1. S

    iPad Air 2 - screen has a ghosted/hazy edge

    Hi I think there are some other posts a bit like this but thought share what we are getting as not quite the same. Our iPad Air 2 has suddenly gone a bit strange. The colours are off and the edge has a sort of haze around it. You also can partially see through any given app and see icons...
  2. darknetone

    iPad Pro 11" Screen creaks when cleaning

    I figured I'd ask here before I took it to an Apple Store. I bought an iPad Pro 11" (IPP 11) a few months back (at Best Buy) and the screen creaks when cleaning it. I occasionally take cloth and run it across the screen to remove finger prints and it creaks as I clean it. I have two other iPad...
  3. M

    Ipad Pro screen capture

    Hello everyone! I’ve been searching the web for some help. I’m not getting any confident results, so I am hoping someone here can help! :) I currently use an iPad Pro. I make videos, for YouTube, about the game Battle Bay. I have been using Airserver to mirror my iPad Pro to a PC running...
  4. B

    Weird Gray Aligned dots when turning on and unresponsive screen

    Quite recently, my iPad crashed (strip of screen unresponsive and so was the rest of it and an unusual color) I turned it off with the home-button and the power-button combo). I turned it on the same way Then the screen was black the entire time until there was a gray line in the middle, then a...
  5. angelot209

    How can i fix my ipad? screen is fuzzy with big gray lines that distort everything

    I have been trying to see if anyone else has this same problem? i dont know what caused this. I want to know if i need to buy a new screen and digitizer? or if its just a loose wire. please help. ps i have tried slapping it in the back but nothing.