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    iPad 4 factory settings

    Hi, This could be one of the common questions here. >How can I perform the factory reset? >Is factory reset can delete all information from my iPad including the old account and will look like a new one? >Is it going to be like the first time I opened my iPad? Need some inputs since the very...
  2. A

    Jailbreaked iPad doesn't reset & iTunes is stuck

    Hello guys, I reseted my iPad, because it had to less memory left. So I reseted it and didn't know that you can't reset jailbreaked iPads, because the jailbreak changes the iPads reboot files or something. Well the point is It is stuck in reseting iPad screen now and I can't shutdown it or...
  3. S

    Sleep mode stopped working after reset

    Hi! I have iPad 2 and i resetted it to factory settings. After setting it up again I recognized that iPad does not go to sleep anymore from power button. I tried also sleep it from AssistiveTouch-menu but that does not work either. Then I tried to reinstall iOS from DFU mode with iTunes; no...