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  1. W

    How do I mail iPhone photos to someone?

    I took a few pics that I want to mail to someone. I found directions on the web, but they don't match the features on my iPhone 5s. Can someone provide me with instructions on how to do this? Thanks. WesternGuy
  2. iBozz

    iPad/iMac Photos sync problem

    I asked this question on the Apple Support Forum a week again but have so far received no reply so I am reposting here to see if anyone can help me ... I have sync'd my iMac's Photos with my new 512GB iPad Pro using iTunes. Photos on the iMac reports that it holds 10,717 items and yet, even...
  3. G

    Date stamping photos as they're taken

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows how to date stamp photos as they're taken? All the apps I've come across so far only allow the photos to be stamped after they're taken. This is for my work and the photos I take get stored straight into an app - they need to show the date so it's going...