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  1. ygenius123

    New to Ipad Forums

    Hey all, I am new to ipad forums and love to talk, get and share knowledge on ipads. Hoping to have a great time here. See ya all in the threads :D
  2. GrumpyYorks

    New on this forum, not on iPad

    Hi. I've been using an iPad for about 3 years, and Macs for more than 10 but still have difficulties with the tablet from time to time. I've read the manual - several times. I think it's a great device, usually meaning I don't need to carry my MacBook around with me, but far from perfect and...
  3. igniz

    A new here: My very First Post

    Hi Guys, As I'm looking for a community to learn more about my iPad. I'm glad that I saw this forum, I hope I can both learn and share more about our device. Thanks, Alex