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ipad os 13

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    Any success with Samsung T5 Portable SSD and iPad Pro?

    This question assumes that iPad OS 13.x is installed on your iPad. There’s a YouTuber who says it works with his iPad Pro, but given iPads’ reported issues with external devices which require more power than the iPad can supply, I wonder. thanks for sharing any knowledge about this.
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    Location Services for Weather Widget on today view?

    The weather widget can’t show me the weather bcs it says location services are not turned on for the weather widget. Can someone tell me how to turn on location services for the weather widgets? iPad OS 13 is providing me with not one single clue. Thank you!
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    Apple’s 1 sentence on external storage

    Below. ———————————————————————————— I am beginning to think that A) apple released a feature that’s more a work-in-progress than a solid feature, or B) They stated something for the purpose of selling more iPads, regardless of the veracity of the statement. Most Apple tech support staff have no...