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ipad mini 2

  1. TechnicGeek

    Is There a Problem with Battery Usage?

    Hello, Have iPAD Mini 2 with latest iOS update. I don't quite understand battery stats so here are a couple of screenshots: And another one: Is there something that overconsumes battery? The battery status is shown as "Good" in settings but it's a 7-year old device. What is the battery...
  2. TechnicGeek

    Upgrade iPAD Mini 2 After Almost 7 years?

    Hello, My mom's been using iPAD Mini 2 with 32GB since 2015. It still has properly working battery and I am surprised that Apple still makes iOS updates for that model because other brands don't offer software support for their old models for that long. I was thinking of upgrading her iPAD...
  3. TechnicGeek

    Can I Optimize My iPad Mini 2?

    Hello, I bought iPad Mini 2 like 5 years ago and it performed okay but as years went buy it became slower even for basic browsing. Is there anything I can do to optimize performance? I think it has latest iOS update installed. Thanks.
  4. A

    A query regarding App Store on iPad Pro and other Apple devices

    Hi all, I am active here since couple of months. I possess iPad Pro 10.5 which replaced my old iPad mini 2. iPad mini I passed to my daughter who is using it for fun like coloring, playing games and watching videos. I wanted some special apps to be for my use and those are on my iPad Pro and...
  5. C

    adjusting screen brightness causes crash

    Hi, I have an iPad mini 2 which screen broke into pieces and I had to replace the digitizer to make it work again. I bought a package off ebay and it booted up fine. The problem that appeared later was that every time I tried to adjust the screen brightness using the slider in control center it...
  6. angelot209

    How can i fix my ipad? screen is fuzzy with big gray lines that distort everything

    I have been trying to see if anyone else has this same problem? i dont know what caused this. I want to know if i need to buy a new screen and digitizer? or if its just a loose wire. please help. ps i have tried slapping it in the back but nothing.