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ipad 4

  1. L

    Is worthy Ipad 4?

    Hello guys. This week I bought an Ipad 4, because i'm needing a tablet for only read books and comics, this is my first second-hand apple product. I downloaded 3uTools and in battery section says that my battery life is in 93%, 31 recharges. Is it good? I realized that my Ipad takes 11 hours to...
  2. P

    Help NOBI with locked up IPAD4 (A1458)

    First let me say that I have no experience with Apple products, nor am I all that technically savvy about computers. Recently my goddaughter asked me to help her with a problem she was having getting her Ipad 4 to charge. When I first saw it the screen was black and it would not turn on. I...
  3. C

    iPad stuck at Apple logo, can't solve it.( I don't want to restore iPad)

    It's has been a long story with my iPad 4 16gb GSM, I think it has motherboard issues, because it rebooted after 3 minutes or more and whenever I tried to update the iPad iTunes shows an error, (-1) and (-8). When I tried to update the iPad without iTunes it went to Recovery Mode loop, I...
  4. Spanglenator

    Recording through the headphone jack of an iPad 4

    Is it possible to do this? And if so, with what apps and how? Anyways, here was the reason: I made a bunch of custom ringtones on my Android device and I didn't want to bluetooth it over, transfer it over, and etc (I guess you could call this an experiment as well). Well I got to thinking...