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import midi file to ipad

  1. F

    Ipad Pro (Usb C) do not match audio/midi devices.

    Hallo. I was able to use my iPad Pro with lightining connection as an expander. Now I own an iPad Pro 11”, 3rd gen., Usb C, and ther’s no way to do the same. It seems it is not capable to transfer midi and audio data. I would like to ask all of you for confirmation that this is a well known...
  2. M

    Send midi file to iPad

    Sorry if this has been covered . I'm new to iPad medic apps . I follows advice in a 2012 thread to put a midi file into GarageBand for iPad via iTunes . I did it ok and it shows in the GarageBand window on iTunes but GarageBand doesn't seem to like them . They're greyed out so u can't drag them...