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    Stars and Ghosts by LANDKA® - Boo!

    Hello all, Halloween is drawing in… Prepare your Broomstick! Stars and Ghosts has just been released (for iPhone, iPad and AppleTV) Download: Stars and Ghosts on the App Store Prepare your broomstick and follow the path… spooky hills are full of Ghosts to catch! Gather around the haunted...
  2. M

    is this account a game centre account

    Probably a silly question, but I can't find where it says what a game centre actually is.. And people seem to keep posting on here I'm thinking in particular of adding neighbours in Sims freeplay
  3. N

    Failed to synchronize with your opponent

    Hi, after updating to iOS 9 and updating fifa 15 UT to the New Season, the game keeps on disconnecting as soon as an online game session starts saying: ((failed to Synchronize with your opponent. The session has ended)) when I checked the logs on my iPad I noticed that the sessions that ended...