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  1. G

    Frequent save errors from MS Word to Dropbox

    I use MS Word 365 heavily on an iPad Pro from documents saved in Dropbox. I frequently get save errors while I'm working, where MS Word suddenly flashes a yellow banner across the top of my document, saying it cannot save my changes either because (1) they conflict with edits currently being...
  2. GrumpyYorks

    How can app be saved in storage without data

    Apologies if this has benn covered before but if so I cannot find it. My storage on the iPad is getting full and this is because two apps save all the data too, which I don't want. The apps are Dropbox and Eyefi Mobi. The only way I can see to delete the data is to delete the app, which I don't...
  3. C

    Using SharePoint as an alternative to Dropbox

    I got a SharePoint site setup at no cost, and the hosting provider, cloudappsportal, has some support/resource articles that mention using of SharePoint as a cloud storage option. It also talks about how SharePoint is superior to Dropbox in terms of being used to store, share and edit files. Has...