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  1. B

    Bug report: Bug in restoring iPad A1673 to factory settings

    Trying to restore my iPad pro model A1673 to original factory settings because I forgot passcode. My attempt at restoring has failed three times now after I carefully followed directions (support.apple.com/en-us/HT204306) each time. This last time I have documented the steps by writing down...
  2. E

    iPad - Delete email from 1 account, same e-mail deleted from another

    I have 2 IMAP accounts set up on my iPad, one for me ([email protected]), one for my wife ([email protected]). If someone sends the same e-mail to both of these accounts (i.e. both accounts in the "To:" field), then when I look at it, say under the [email protected] account and then delete it, it also gets...
  3. G

    Uninitiated and Privacy threatening "auto pasting" bug??

    I had an unwelcome surprise while playing in online game yesterday and in the chat window. Without me making any effort to copy and paste, some very personal data was pasted and posted into the chat window. That information was from a Word App document. No "paste" bubble/command appeared, it...