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    Skylanders Creator Coming Soon for iOS

    Activision has announced that a new Skylanders mobile game, Skylanders Creator, is on the way soon for iOS. The free app gives Portal Masters the chance to create characters from the forthcoming Skylanders Imaginators console game on-the-go. The app features robust creation tools similar to...
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    Skylanders Battlecast Comes to iOS

    The Toys-to-Life phenomenon arrives on iOS today with the launch of Skylanders Battlecast, which is based on Activision’s massively popular (to the tune of more than 250 million toys sold) Skylanders series, the one that pioneered the whole toys-to-life category and continues to dominate it. In...
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    Activision Blizzard Snaps Up Candy Crush Company King

    With the words “Candy Crush” trending worldwide on Twitter today for quite some time, there’s no mistaking exactly what mobile games company King is best known for. The reason for the infuriatingly addictive mobile game trending today is because Activision Blizzard announced that it is to buy...
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    Skylanders Coming to iPhone and iPod Touch

    MCVUK reports that Activision has announced that it is bringing the full console version of Skylanders to iPhone and iPod Touch as well as iPad. Previous iOS Skylanders game Trap Team, which was released last year, was only available on iPad. Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Pack will include a...