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    Padprop - portable stand for the iPad

    Don't see a link in your lost, so I went & found it via Google: Padprop - Prop up your iPad. Anywhere
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    Does your iPad gets heavier over time?

    In the relativistic sense, yes, frame-dragging makes my iPad heavier, so I trot upstairs, where it's ever-so-slightly lighter. As a bonus, I age a tad more slowly up there too … but then my wife calls up & reminds me I said I'd clean the attic last fall. Maybe there's an app for making her...
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    Why am I so angry?

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    Official iOS 4.2 Update by November 8th?

    The Guardian says Apple has implied the release date in an advisory on alarm-function problems in the current iOS: iOS 4.2 update due by 7 November as Apple admits iPhone DST alarm bug | Technology | Here's the Apple support doc they reference:
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    What book are you reading?

    Fred Spiers's "The Structure of Big History." The Structure of Big History: From the Big Bang until Today (9789053562208): Fred Spier: Books
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    Anyone else getting into the following habit?

    This morning I tried to unlock my house with my car remote. Does that count?
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    Incipio Destroyer case

    Looks interesting. Thanks for posting big pix! I'm surprised the case has so many seams—looks like a lot of parts. It's too bad the outer material isn't grippy enough; the silicone jacket on my iPhone's Otterbox is good in that regard. What's your Ebay handle? PM if you don't want to make it public.
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    Incipio Destroyer case

    Looks cool to me. Very interested to hear what you think when you get it. Any chance you can post pix?
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    Is there a square root symbol for ipad

    Here ya go. √ Paste it in.
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    iPad purchased to replace several other devices

    Good entries at your blog. My experience is similar. It took me about forty seconds, on the Apple Store, to figure that the iPad could replace my laptop(s). I needed to learn about two basic things: battery life & the keyboard. On the former I had to trust the assurances of Apple Elves, who...
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    iPad Dock contest !

    1769 … That's what I meant to say. My fingers slipped.
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    Glad that's settled.
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    What is your ipads name?

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    Best Buy or Apple Store

    The night of the day the 3G model came out, I stopped in at the Apple Store in Pasadena CA. I walked up to a pimply kid in company t-shirt. "Got any sixty-four-gigabyte ones left?" "Yep." We walked to the special iPad-sales table in the back, where a shelf held the remainder of their stock: a...
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    iPad Dock contest !

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    Pages query

    Since nobody's answered you … 1. Did you use the forum's search function to see if this subject's come up before? If you search for "folders" you'll find this thread: … which addresses your question...
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    Ms office compatibility

    Highbred8 asked about .docx compatibility. Quick Office Mobile Connect Suite creates, opens & saves docs in that format. It's been transparent & reliable for me. Plus its file-management interface (nested folders) is the best imitation I've found of a desktop environment. Given that Apple...
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    ipad os feat

    I hate this thread. It damages my faith in the intersection of commenters and humor.
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    iPad RAM and iOS4.x

    Gizmodo has a post about the behavior of the dev seed of 4.2 on the iPad: "It works, just like it does on the iPhone or iPod touch, just bigger … The only thing that sucks is that some apps don't support it yet … And we're wondering if the iPad's mere 256MB of RAM is going to catch up to...
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    iPad RAM and iOS4.x

    I haven't used an iPhone 4 enough to judge very well. iOS 4.0 crawled unusably on my iPhone 3G (my only other iOS device). I checked specs at Wikipedia: iPhone 3G: - Samsung 32-bit RISC ARM 620 MHz processor (underclocked to 412Mhz) - PowerVR MBX Lite 3D GPU - 128 MB of eDRAM iPad: - 1 GHz...
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    ipad os feat

    I love this thread. It reaffirms my faith in the intersection of primate and silicon.
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    Documents to go needs folders!

    Documents To Go does have folders … … if by "Documents To Go" you mean "Quick Office Mobile Connect." QOMC is the best office-work app for the iPad. It'll import all your DTG docs with no trouble, and you're off & running with folders galore—& a file-management system that imitates...
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    Syncing Sucks

    For those unfamiliar with the utility Joker mentions, see: BackOff Speeds Up iTunes Sync for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad It's a free download which allows you to sync your iDevice files without backing then up. (Read that sentence again, so you're clear on the risk of using utility.) I...
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    Remaining iPad warranty

    That's cool! Nice tip. Thanks.
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    Otterbox Commuter Series Case Picture Review

    Great photos Stop complaining, folks. Ivanmarkchang went to a lot of trouble to share these shots, so show some appreciation. I'll be the first to say thank you, and suggest that you do the same, thehatman.
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    PDair iPad Cases

    I assume you work for PDAir Please reveal yourself, because this is obviously an ad.
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    New iPad holder to review!

    Nice industrial design … The thought of pressing on the back of an iPad, with both hands as in your demo clip, makes me nervous. Seems like the battery packs would flex a little (if the aluminum flexes at all). Also, the screen seems a mild concern in pressing on an iPad. What components...
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    Otterbox Commuter Series Case

    Thanks for offering more info. I'd be interested in: - daylit photos of all sides of the case (daylight often reveals textures, seams & other manufacturing qualities better than artificial light) - the case minus iPad - the steps required to get the iPad into the case. Which is a...
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    i have a problem with people who tell you that the ipad is not a computer

    Jeez, Henry, ask him to define "computer." That'll stump him, fast. Folks who make an effort to define others' experiences, esp. unasked, are only revealing their unhappiness. If you let it bother you, you're giving him what he hoped for. It's the same as saying "You're right! Now I feel...
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    app that fakes a hard disk folder structure

    Do you want to get work done, or just read docs? AirSharing HD & Files HD are great—I've used AS since it debuted on the iPhone—but they're document viewers only. If you need to do real work & to organize it in a nested-doc/folder hierarchy (as in a desktop OS), try Quickoffice Connect...