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    Putting torrent comic in ipad

    Hey everyone So I really wanna download "The walking dead compendium" using bitorrent, but I dont know how to put it in my ipad.. is there any way I could do this? thanks.
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    Returning iPad 2 to Apple

    SO Im back home with my ipad 2... When I got to the store they told me my ipad had been replaced which made me really happy... because to be honest the backlight leakage n my iPad wasnt as bad as others ipads Ive seen.. YET I wanted it replaced because I paid almost $700 for it.. and I want...
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    Returning iPad 2 to Apple

    Hey everyone I really appreciate all your help. I already sent my iPad back to Apple last Monday and I've been very impressed about what a good customer service they have. They have called me 3 times this week to let me know the Status of my iPad 2, and yesterday they called me and told me...
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    Returning iPad 2 to Apple

    Thanks everyone for your feedback! I returned my iPad 2 last Saturday!.. and so far Apple has been very nice.. they called me twice already to update me on my ipad case! and they said they are about to ship it to an Apple store near me! so Im just waiting! :)
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    Returning iPad 2 to Apple

    hey everyone I contacted Apple due to a light bleeding in my ipad 2 and they said I can mail it and they can see what they can do or give me a new one.. I take a good care of my ipad but just today when cleaning it I noticed that it has a small scratch (like one inch long scratch) on the back...
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    ipad 2 backlight bleeding.. what to do?

    Hey Everyone So I got an ipad 2 on May and just now I have been noticing the backlight bleeding!.. I dont know if it is as bad as others but to be honest it upsets me a lot... I expect something good from what I paid!.. and Apple isnt giving me that.. so I was wondering.. do you think it is...
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    The Official I got my iPad 2 Thread!

    I got mine April 19th, to be honest I didn't have the money, but my wife knows I'm a big apple fan so she gave me the money as a birthday present (my birthday was April 13th) I spent the next days calling best buy and other stores but they had no iPads n stock... Finally on april 19th I called...
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    Apple Replacing Some iPad 2s for Backlight Bleeding Issues

    If this kind of problem happens with mine... Should I call apple ?or go to best buy? (that's where I bought mine)
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    Safari messing up

    Hey y'all I got my new ipad 2 today and im new on this forum, i really need some help concerning the ipad's safari browser.. I'm member of different forums and i was getting on them on safari and when i wanted to reply to someone i would touch "reply" and the keyboard would come up and then...