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    How to get adobe flash player in ipad

    I guys...I search adobe flash player in apps store I couldn't find plz do tell me how to get it if no then tell me it's alternate...thnx
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    How to get adobe flash player in ipad

    Guys...I'm trying to search adobe flash player from iTunes but I culdnt find plz tell me how to get this if not then tell me it's alternate..thnx
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    Is it possible to download Youtube videos to the iPad

    U can download mx tube frm Cydia to download videos from youtube
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    Online movies

    Fiends I'm a new iPad do tell me which app I can use to watch movie online????plz do tell me
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    No usb port

    iPad provides many facilities while traveling but how can we insert data from a USB in iPad...for this purpose we required laptop..
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    No usb port

    Basic draw back of iPad is there is no USB port insert in it