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    Retina Display iPad 3 Looking Unlikely for 2011

    Wow, people are already talking about the IPad 3 now. :confused:
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    I used iOS 4.2.1 on IPad 32GB Wifi
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    I can confirm that Barrel works on IPad. :)
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    how do you download paid applications on cydia?

    lol, you're gonna try to hack the hackers.
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    IPad Dynamic Background Theme?

    Can this work? Like on the PS3. You see things moving around but i was wondering if it can work on the IPad?
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    Editing PPT speaker notes?

    Jailbreak dude. :D Don't hate ppl.
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    How many AppStore updates do you have pending?

    I got like 23. I had 58 one time due to me being lazy. They were all updates on bug fixes:rolleyes:
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    Help With dtunes

    So after i updated to 4.1.2 with the jailbreak, dtunes stopped working, whenever i click on any file in dtunes it crashes. Does anyone else have this problem? I think i have found out the problem: I think dtunes isn't compatible with 4.2.1 because i used to have dtunes on 3.?.?. Forgot the FW.
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    Transfer IPad files to Pc via USB

    What's the new best program for a pc to get files out of an Ipad like music & movies?
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    iPad sets off store security alarms?!?!

    Wat??? Are you serious? I went to a couple of stores with my Ipad & that hasn't happened to me. I have it Jailbroken too
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    My iPad knows where I am!

    That happened to you too... I have a 32gb Wifi only iPad and i loaded up a destination and i left for that destination. While i was getting there my ipad kept showing me where i am and i was shocked
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    4.2.1 Untethered Jailbreak Released!

    I'll wait for the official untethered jailbreak, not the beta
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    4.2.1 Jailbreak to be delayed

    of course it has to be delayed
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    Need you input:

    1. Well videos you can find anywhere especially on YouTube 2. I right now have 88 applications that are on the app store and if i calculate the $ total then it will be close to $1,000 i saved on the apps and thats just on my iPad...I have saved way more on my Itouch
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    iPad 2 Shipping by the end of February 2011?

    Are you kidding me, i just got my Ipad and now they're releasing IPad 2..WTF!!!
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    Getting Ready for iOS 4.2 - Read This!

    I'm gonna leave it to 3.2.1 until 4.2 gets jailbreaked
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    If you miss java and flash

    Isn't this removed from the App store now? I think it is.
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    Need similar mobileme app

    So i want to protect my Ipad from theft but i don't want to pay $100, can anyone tell me of a app that finds my Ipad if someone steals it