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    iPad centric Bag: Looking for ideas and suggestions......

    You might consider room for a bluetooth keyboard. The keyboard goes everywhere my iPad goes.
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    iPad centric Bag: Looking for ideas and suggestions......

    You have described exactly what I have been looking for with one exception: wheels. I want a really small wheeled tote to hold my iPad and the same type and number of items you listed. I don't need something big enough to pack clothes in, I have a checked bag for that. As an older female...
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    Dictation Tips and Tricks

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    caseen iPadForums Welcome + Introduces iPad 3rd Gen Case Lineup + Free Case GIVEAWAY

    I would love the black caseen Checker Plaid Genuine Leather Smart Case Convertible Stand for the New Apple iPad (3rd Generation). In addition to enhancing the appearance of and protecting my New iPad 3rd Generation (and looking incredibly stylish in the process), the checkered styling would...
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    Back protection with smart cover

    +1. I love the slickwrap on my 1st gen iPad and hope to get one for my 3rd gen iPad.
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    IOS 5.1 Update HOLLA!!!!!

    I'm like you Happy Pelican, I don't want to lose my jailbreak so I'll wait on updating my iPad 1. Besides, my iPad 3 will be here on the 16th and I will be able to see what the updates are.
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    [WINNERS] Caseen VIBE Stylus

    Congrats to the winners!
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    [GIVEAWAY] Caseen VIBE Stylus for Capacitive Touch Screens

    I would use the VIBE with my iPad1, the iPad 3 I will get once its available, and my HTC Sensation. Thanks for the chance to win one!
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    Post your Pet

    Ahhh, the shedding. Corgis definitely force you to invest in a good vacuum cleaner. They each shed enough to create an additional dog. No one should own a corgi unless they realize they'll have to deal with the shedding, their stubborn, bossy personalities and the unrelenting herding of...
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    Post your Pet

    Well, I just spent a half hour at work looking at everyone's furry family members. So here are my three babies: Bella, the fluffy yeti (bottom); Rocky, Mr. Opportunist (middle); and Sparky, who rescued my heart, The Stealth Kisser (top).
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    What was your first car and favourite car ever!

    This is my Miata sitting next to my brother's 1969 Shelby Mustang.
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    What was your first car and favourite car ever!

    My first car was a 1957 Ford that my parents bought me when I was 16. As a high school graduation gift, they gave me a brand new 1972 bright orange Gremlin. My favorite car is my Monster Miata, a 1992 Miata with a Ford 302 engine.
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    Opinions on LogMeIn Ignition?

    Sorry to disagree but I have had LogMeIn installed on my iPad for almost a year and have paid only once for it. And I use LogMeIn to access both my server and my desktop at work from both my iPad and my laptop. It was one of thefirst apps I purchased when I got my iPad.
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    Which Smartphone

    I have used my HTC HD2 (with both Windows and Android OS) to tether with my Ipad and now I use my HTC Sensation. As long as I can continue to tether, I'm happy with my Android phone. Never desired an Iphone but with AT&T buying T-Mobile, I may end up getting one in a couple of years.
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    ipad plus note pad portfolio?

    Look at They have some nice ones. I haven't purchased one yet so I can't recommend one but I have purchased a number of other items from Levenger that are of exceptional quality.
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    iPad Stylus used for writing???

    I really like my Stylus-R-Us stylus. However, it takes a very light touch to work properly but once you've practiced a little while, it's great.
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    Apple Alert - New Product Launch this week?

    T-Mobile is suppose to be "updating" their data plans on May 22. Maybe Iphone for T-Mo?
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    Airport security iPad

    I fly at least once a month and have never taken my Ipad out of my carry on and I've never had anyone request that I do nor had my bag rescreened. But I'm sure its like everything else, each airport is different and there will probably be a time I'm told to remove it. If you feel more...
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    Notepad OCR App?

    I use WritePad for notetaking and am very happy with it. It seems the more I use it, the more it must "learn" my handwriting because I have dreadful handwriting. It makes the ocassional error but correcting is easy. I don't have a need for an OCR app so can't recommend anything there. Good luck.
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    NEW stylus design. Input needed

    I agree with different barrel widths--personally the only pens I use are the PhD style that has a larger, cushioned barrel. I'm really intrigued by your pen-like tip. That would be a real bonus if the stylus was more like writing with a pen. Pen size--not shorter or longer--would be nice. I...
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    Ipad & TSA

    I've traveled through various airports around the US over a dozen times since getting my Ipad and have never removed it from my carrying case and have never been questioned about it.
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    Stylus: Targus versus Stylus-R-Us Roger iWand

    As do I, but it didn't take me too long to adjust to the light touch necessary for the Stylus-R-Us. But I was also willing to practice with it before giving up. I've tried several different stylii before this one and the Stylus-R-Us is the one I prefer. Others may feel differently.
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    AT&T Buys T-Mobile!

    As a T-Mo customer, I'm not so sure its a good thing but I'll be patient and see how things settle out. Doing a quick check yesterday, I found that getting less services from AT&T over what I'm getting from T-Mo will cost me about $25/mo more plus my HTC phone, which I love, will not work on...
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    Stylus: Targus versus Stylus-R-Us Roger iWand

    Just be sure to use a light touch, barely touching the screen works best. And give it an adequate time for testing before making up your mind. I really like my Stylus-R-Us.
  25. H

    Stylus: Targus versus Stylus-R-Us Roger iWand

    Whatever it is, I'm glad its there. My Stylus-R-Us stylus makes taking notes a lot easier than using my finger or any other stylus I've tried. I have more control over what I'm writing and my handwriting recognition software works almost perfectly with very few errors. IF you use a light...
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    A tip for stylus users

    +1 on Stylus-R-Us. I have two and never use my finger. It glides smoothly if you apply a light touch. I use it primarily for note taking.
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    Some of my iPad sketches

    Very nice! I really like the barn/silo
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    The Daily Finally Arrives in the US App Store

    +1 . But that's the nice thing, we don't have to download it but those that do want it, can download it.
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    Writepad + what stylus?

    I use WritePad along with a Stylus-R-Us stylus to take notes during conference calls and meetings. I have found that over time, the Writepad's handwriting recognition has improved and believe me, I have crummy handwriting. I like the fact that I can take notes during meetings and with very few...
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    Internet Connection Wifi?

    So, you have wifi at home and restricted access at work, but you want access other places, correct? I don't know where you live but there are usually businesses that offer free wifi, like Starbucks, McDonalds, etc. I know where I live, there are a number of public buildings, the library...
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    Testing iPad for corporate use

    +1 on Documents to Go Premium. I use that app to sync documents with Dropbox to my Ipad, PC, laptop and HTC HD2 phone. It was one of the first apps I downloaded and one I use the most when traveling.
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    Free Game Alert! Brain Challenge HD for iPad Free for today only

    Nevermind. It finally let me download. For some reason it kept telling me that it wasn't available in the US.
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    Stylus: Targus versus Stylus-R-Us Roger iWand

    No, I'm not "British" or Scottish, I happen to be of Swiss ancestry. However, I am married to a Scotsman by ancestry. And I really enjoy haggis.
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    Stylus: Targus versus Stylus-R-Us Roger iWand

    I hope I'm not breaking any rules by re-posting my thoughts from a different thread, especially when I have not tried the Targus stylus. If so, I apologize in advance but here is my review of the Stylus R Us styluses. I have been using my Stylus R Us styluses (stylii?) for a week now. I...
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    Pogo, Stylis or Whatever

    I have been using my Stylus R Us styluses (stylii?) for a week now. I have been looking primarily for a stylus that I could use with a handwriting recognition program (WritePad) for note taking during meetings on my iPad with a screen protector. I honestly think I have found it with the Stylus...
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    Rupert Murdoch and Steve Jobs Joining Forces to Create iNewspaper

    I agree, George. That will be one "news" app I won't be purchasing.
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    Pogo, Stylis or Whatever

    Absolutely, Tom. Once it gets here and I give it a fair amount of testing, I will post my opinions.
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    Pogo, Stylis or Whatever

    I don't post very often but I have been a member and lurking since I purchased my ipad in May. I have been on a perpetual quest since getting my ipad to find a stylus that works with handwriting recognition applications like WritePad. I need a stylus that glides like a pen and allows me to...
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    Pogo, Stylis or Whatever

    Well, cr*p. I ordered one yesterday and didn't get any kind of discount. As usual, I'm a day late.