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  1. mocheesehead

    Folders for the Kindle app?

    I too would like to do this! Good question Lee!
  2. mocheesehead

    Putting my DVDs on my iPad2?

    Check out "Any DVD" and "Clone DVD2"...both from the same company! I've used them to convert much of my collection to iPad ready! HTH, Pat
  3. mocheesehead

    Automagically joining wifi networks

    Haha! Cool! I use an app from ETC (Electronic Theatre Control) to control my EOS & ION consoles. It is pretty sweet!
  4. mocheesehead

    Automagically joining wifi networks

    I have wifi all over the buildings that I work in (a University theater). The problem is I have two wifi networks that I use to control my stage lighting consoles. They work fine, but when I get even close to them they connect automatically. Is it possible to set certain wifi networks to only...
  5. mocheesehead

    iPad 1 and VGA Adapter

    Well graywolf...I took the plunge and did the jailbrake. The video mirror is indeed awesome! Thanks for the tip!
  6. mocheesehead

    iPad 1 and VGA Adapter

    Hello All, I bought the VGA adapter thinking that it would be awesome for me to use it in my classroom but am coming to find out that there are only a small number of apps that actually support it. Does anybody have a list of what apps support the vga adapter. *Safari* doesn't and it looks...
  7. mocheesehead

    Which Remote Desktop?

    Richard I use Splashtop to access my home machine and two work machines (on different networks) You have to use (what I think is called) "internet discovery" is right in the splashtop client. The app has worked pretty well for me. The only thing it is missing is being able to transfer...
  8. mocheesehead

    iCarly full show! realize you are living in the 21st. century? Right? Try eBay...I searched "iCarly DVD" and came up with pages and pages of items. Also, just an fyi, even though you do not pay to download items from torrents does not make them legal. Just sayin'
  9. mocheesehead

    Case or no case?

    I've had mine in a Otterbox Defender case since it came out of the box. I love the adds a bit of weight and bulk but I am confident that it will be protected!