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    Respring errors?

    It's a bit odd, but when I respring, it's like my iPad goes back to a snapshot of how the springboard was before I installed the sentinel 3 and CNN apps. It's odd. I placed them in their respective folders, respring, and they're right back out. But nothing else, or the hundreds of other apps are...
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    Otterbox Case

    I have the commuter series and was looking at the defender series last night. I am an extremely mobile person, but I don't think the upgrade is worth shelling out an additional $90. Any thoughts?
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    So Who is Getting 10 Hours Battery Life?

    I can't put my iPad down, but it's still maintaining an amazing battery life. Currently, with heavy usage (gaming, streaming, browsing, screwing off, etc...) my iPad lasts nearly 2 days.
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    iPad 2 Rumors And Speculation (Late November 2010)

    Technically speaking, retina display is better than the iPads. The iPads resolution is 1024x768, with an average of 132ppi (pixels per inch), whereas the retina display is an astounding 326ppi. Obviously the retina is of better quality.
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    New Mach 3 Composites Carbon Fiber iPad Covers

    Nice covers, price range?
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    iPad 2 Rumors And Speculation (Late November 2010)

    It's more than likely set to be released the beginning of the second quarter of 2011. Good luck.
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    What is Ipad 4.2 real battery life

    You're exactly right. Thank you so much, I just got the iPad used and was worried that I'd have to take a trip to the Apple Store.
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    What is Ipad 4.2 real battery life

    I used my iPad until 1AM last night and ran it down to roughly 10%. Come this morning, 7 hours later, it's sitting at 90% after charging. Should I send in my iPad?