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  1. Sargon

    iPad 2 will not back up

    Thanks Giradman. Checked all the apps and they all seem to be 64-bit so no problem there. Read on an older thread that if the iPad fails to backup it means there is a corrupted backup. Do you know where the backups are stored - perhaps I can just delete it and try again. If all else fails...
  2. Sargon

    iPad 2 will not back up

    I just acquired a new iPad pro and am trying to transfer all my apps, etc to it from my iPad 2. The problem is that my iPad 2 will not back up. I am running Windows 10 and am trying to backup the iPad 2 so I can "restore" to the new iPad pro. I have tried the iCloud backup but nothing...
  3. Sargon


    Thank you very much - seems to have done the job
  4. Sargon


    I suddenly started getting pop-ups in Safari called Safari-Alert. The pop-up refers to a website and provides a 1-800 number to call to fix the problem Since this is clearly a scam can anybody tell me how to get rid of this and clean it out myself. I tried searching the forums but come up...
  5. Sargon

    What music are you listening to right now!?!?

    Need a good music player to listen to my music I just downloaded my music to my iPad directly from my MyBookLive drive but now cannot play it through iTunes. I can play it from the MyBookLive folder but that does not give me a lot of flexibility for playlists etc. Any suggestions on a good...
  6. Sargon

    Do you listen to music on your iPad?

    I am trying to listen to music and have a bit of a challenge. I have a fairly large music collection and ran into some problem with getting it onto iTunes so I downloaded it from MyBookLive. When I try to play this, the music player included with iPad does not see the download, probably...
  7. Sargon

    Ipad And Connon eos file transfer?

    It should be possible to download pictures from your camera. There is apparently a cable you can buy but I am not sure whether you link it directly to your camera or whether the SD card plugs into it. I am sure you could find some more info with a bit of a search. As far as ebooks - there are...
  8. Sargon

    Personal Cloud Storage

    Thanks for the information about the WD2go. I just set one up and it works but seems a bit slow. The question I have is how to transfer music using the WD2. I can open the folders on my iPad and get access to all my music but it seems the only way to transfer music is via iTunes. Here is...
  9. Sargon

    Handwritting app for iPad

    I just got Notability and have not found anything about handwriting recognition and therefore search by word capabilities. Would love to find something like what you described together with the ability to record audio.
  10. Sargon

    iPad 2, or 3?

    Many of us go through this struggle. My wife always accuses me of driving the poor salespeople crazy. My approach to electronics is that if you plan to keep it for a while buy the best you can afford since it will be out of date when you take the shrinkwrap off and you may as well get the best...
  11. Sargon

    Targus Stylus for iPad

    I have the ifrogz and it is not working well for me. It almost seems as if it runs out of ink - just stops writing and then I try different angles and locations and then it may start up again. Not sure what could be causing it but looks like I will need to get a different type that can handle...
  12. Sargon

    Productivity iPad vs Asus transformer

    I was also in the choice dilemma but after doing the research on the airstash and the goflex wifi I concluded that the iPad is the better of the two choices. Then there are the apps - iPad just has so much more to choose from. Just got a new iPad and am now learning how to make it do what I want.
  13. Sargon

    What's Better - iPad with 64 GB or 32GB plus AirStash

    How well does the Airstash work? Is it the same speed as the internal memory or is there a clear difference? Do you work directly to the airstash memory or do you still have transfer the files to iPad before you can use them?
  14. Sargon

    caseen iPadForums Welcome + Introduces iPad 3rd Gen Case Lineup + Free Case GIVEAWAY

    Definitely caseen SKINNY Genuine Leather Stand Hand Strap Case (DESIGNO Series Black) for Apple iPad 3rd Generation Great looking cases. S
  15. Sargon

    Trying to Get away from paper

    Thanks for the comments. I am always concerned that developers get friends and family to post glowing reviews and then you end up with a lemon. I realize paperless is a dream but I just need to keep notes together, easily accessible without dragging huge binders full of paper around with me. S
  16. Sargon

    What's Better - iPad with 64 GB or 32GB plus AirStash

    Looking at options and was wondering whether it is better to buy iPad with 64 GB or iPad with 32GB and use difference to buy AirStash? Ideally I would prefer the 64GB but budget is tight and want to know if overall I am better off witht he AirStash or something else that acts like an easily...
  17. Sargon

    New Member 2

    Been reading the forum for a while and decided to post my question. I am contemplating purchasing an iPad or Android tablet but have a specific primary purpose - to get away from paper. All the other things are bonuses. I am really looking to use it for taking lecture and meeting notes. I...
  18. Sargon

    Trying to Get away from paper

    I am contemplating purchasing a tablet, either a new iPad or the soon to be released Asus Transformer 700. The decision will mostly be driven by the best application to suit my intent. I want to get away from piles of paper with notes and scribles and be able to sort and save in a nice easily...