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  1. Quizzer2093


    Well, I am an IT Administrator .. Looking for software that I will be able to keep track of all Ips in my network, not necessary to do anything with the Ips, just need to be ale to know what Ips are in use in my network. Any apps that you guys suggest for doing that. Thanks Todd Waern
  2. Quizzer2093


    I like IOS5 but it's a little buggy still, like when I use ios5 my apps have a way of just closing, or some apps don't load at all, so back to running The latest iOS version Sent from my iPad using iPF
  3. Quizzer2093

    Hi, Todd from Sudbury, Canada

    Currently, using an ipad 1 . extremely enjoying it, looking to learn new things and get to know the other forum users .. also interested in finding some cool and if possible free apps .. but have purchased a few apps already Todd