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    There are many types of iPad stands, some cheap and simple, some complex and expensive and some are iPad cases with multi function use, including acting like a stand when folded correctly. But I recommend this one: - 360 degrees Rotation Steel Stand Holder Mount for Apple iPad , put it...
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    iPad Pricing

    $599 - Apple iPad Wi-Fi 32GB mine
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    ZaggMate A New Aluminium Case

    Cool ! I want it!
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    Cool iPad case, V1&V2&V3

    Yes, it's genuine leather.
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    Cool iPad case, V1&V2&V3

    You may also get the yoobao ipad case on Just search " yoobao ipad case ".
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    Cool iPad case, V1&V2&V3

    The version 3 case fits well . link of yoobao case on youtube: YouTube - Yoobao Apple iPad Case Review .
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    Cool iPad case, V1&V2&V3

    Decided to organize the OP with all the different versions of the Yoobao case available. Hope this clears up the confusion between the cases. V1 (Original Yoobao Case) This is the original Yoobao case known as V1. This case has no flap to hold the iPad in place. Many users reported that the...
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    Guess where I may go today?

    I like this cool case but , em, it's too expensive.
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    New case

    Seems too heavy. Don't like it.
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    Screen protector- necessary?

    it's great to have a screen protector, I bought one on, and nice! Love it !
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    Reading in bed - Needing a Stand

    Looking for a iPad stand also, any suggstion?