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  1. Elizellen

    Looking to share audio and video on Zoom meetings - need help!

    Hello all! I used to post a fair bit here when I got my original iPad in 2010 and mini1 a year or so later and have been managing to do all I need without bothering you experts until recently. However after many google searches for a solution to my current dilemma I suddenly came across an old...
  2. Elizellen

    could recharging problem be caused by this cold weather?

    My apologies if this has already been covered but I am low on battery and so not much time to browse the forums to find a similar thread. this last week my mini ipad (original model so fairly old now) has not recharged consistently and the last couple f days has not recharged at all despite me...
  3. Elizellen

    iPad 2017 How to lock/unlock screen rotation?

    Hi all! My friend (who will shortly turn 85) has been given a new iPad 2017 by her son after her old one had problems and cannot find how to make the screen rotate from portrait to landscape. It is set in portrait mode, which means that when she watches TV or films the picture is small. The new...
  4. Elizellen

    Where can I find a photo sent via Bluetooth?

    this is a very basic question, but I have been sent a photo via Bluetooth and cannot find where it is on my original mini IPad. any clues?
  5. Elizellen

    Can I "piggyback" my wifi only mini to go online via my Ipad cellular

    I am going on holiday later this year to a holiday park where wifi will not be available in the accommodation. I have an original Ipad cellular model as well as a wifi only original mini ipad. Is it possible to get online to use my wifi only original mini ipad somehow using my original Ipad...
  6. Elizellen

    BBC player refuses to play radio programmes!!

    For the last couple of days it will only play TV programmes, not radio ones. I have tried all the usual remedies, closing the app, resetting the IPad, and even deleted it then reinstalled it and reset the IPad again, but no, it still refuses to play radio programmes. This is really...
  7. Elizellen

    Channel 4 on demand app discriminating against us old timers?

    I just found out my 4oD application has stopped working on my Ipad1 Really annoying as I usually watch it in bed when I have my vintage Ipad with me.
  8. Elizellen

    Mystry app - 360HD

    Help! I've noticed on both my Ipad 1 and mini that an app called 360HD keeps wanting me to update it. I have repeatedly deleted it as I have no clue what it is for and it is all in what I think is Japanese, but it keeps reappearing. I have looked on my ITunes list of Apps and though it...
  9. Elizellen

    Advice needed about wire-free headphones from those who know!!

    Please excuse me if this is covered somewhere else on the forum but I did search with no relevant results. If there is a thread with the info please direct me there!! I've just spent a frustrating half hour in my local PCWorld shop trying to find out from their (supposedly) expert assistants...
  10. Elizellen

    Newbie from Bournemouth UK

    Hello everyone! I discovered this forum only today while searching for info about whether there is an app for watching Demand 5 so have just joined. I have had my IPad for a year and bought it in preparation for a hospital stay last year where I was having a stem cell transplant. It caused...