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    Jailbreak for iPad 2 (sigh)

    The long wait continue... :(
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    Battery starting to...

    Last longer now that I had my iPad 2 almost two months. I still have 4.3 iOS on it and somehow the battery drainage stopped happening. Anyone having the same experience?
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    iPad 2 Charger

    Hi all! I'm just curious if anyone notice when charging the iPad 2 is much faster than the original iPad. I think it is, but I just want to know what you guys think of it. I was using the charger that came with the unit. Anyhow, using another brand like griffin takes forever for recharge...
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    The second coming...

    Even though I'm one of the early iPad Wifi adopter I am still excited for the second coming of the iPad release, the iPad 3G. I think we need to appreciate this such phenomena while it last. I'm off this Friday and I am definitely going to Best Buy near by where I live and observe other people...
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    I am now addicted to surfing because of the iPad

    Only when I'm in my couch at home while watching tv. I still have a life though.
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    Will you try to exchange your wifi to 3G iPad?

    I'm just curious for those who bought the wifi iPad such as myself. I'm over 14 days and going on 17th day as of today and contemplating whether to return my iPad to Best Buy and take the restocking fee and get a ipad 3G later on. I do have an iPhone that can tether using MyWi and very happy...