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    The new Chrome Browser

    Google knows too much about me already........ Then again I never had crashes with Safari or the others I use, Dolphin, iCab and Coast. Just Lazy and use each for specific areas of interest.
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    iPad2 without 4G - Is There An Adapter or Service I Can Buy To Get Internet Outside?

    Another mifi user here. It's a pay as you go one for those odd occasions when you need the access. Small cheap and cheerful. Recommended.
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    Do you have anyway to download the youtube video?

    I use TagDiskHD+. Clunky name for a clunky app but it does the job.
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    iPad won't charge

    Heh sometimes the obvious isn't :)
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    Anyone else HUGELY disgusted by the flat look?

    I like the new look and welcome the improvements, but still find many of the icons ugly. What is disturbing is their tonal balance. Particular ugly ones are Safari, Camera and Settings.... Let's hope they tweak them before release, but I'm not too optimistic.
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    Evernote : How do you use it? : Tips and Tricks

    Thanks for the thread Twerpp. I've been using Evernote for several years and have built up an impressive list of notebooks on several pc's, macs and iPads. The key to using it is mastering the Tagging system. Tag every note with more than one tag and you can find things fast. It's worth...
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    My Ipad3 lost all my notes.

    Sorry I can't help with your missing notes :( If you keep lots of notes the best app to use is Evernote. It's free and saves your notes in the cloud so you can access them from any device if you have the password. I run it on four machines and it just updates in the background. Can't...
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    Best office app?

    Cool. Don't forget to leave feedback. You could be influential :)
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    LostWinds 2

    Thanks for the heads up. Sure is a sweet game.
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    Anybody following Jobs' advice on work?

    Well I've managed to remain foolish but just couldn't handle the stay hungry........ That Jiro film was the only time sushi ever appealed to me.
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    How to save web pages and read them off-line?

    I use Instapaper. Can't praise it high enough since I use it daily. Best of all you can transfer your pages to Evernote within the app.
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    So who is looking forward to the "New Mini", 2nd half 2013?

    Will be hanging on for the retina version. A must buy for me. With the competition out there they have to innovate to survive, so don't be worried about new versions arriving as it's become a fact of life. Enjoy what you have.
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    cannot hide purchased apps on ipad

    Not a good hide, but you could drag the apps to a tenth or twelfth page leaving a number of blank pages between them and your first couple of populated pages. I use this trick to loose sight of a couple of ugly apps like games centre which I never use, but can't delete.
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    what's your favourite game on the iPad?

    Lol, I feel like a dinosaur posting here, but the one game that has followed me from iPod to iPads 1,2, and 3 is a simple sudoku game by Mighty Mighty Good Games. Works brilliantly at 2x on the retina display, just the basic game without distracting decorations. They also do an expert...
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    iPad Mini Will be Launched in October

    Think of the number of iPads in education. Smaller, lighter and cheaper for smaller fingers and tighter budgets. Really sew up the market and create future fanbois/gals. Like the iPod. Get the basics and infrastructure right, then diversify the range.
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    Apple designer setup: iPad or MacBook Pro?

    Agree. Go with the best you can afford. Never scrimp on screen estate if you're into web design or photoshopping.
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    What does "READER" mean when it appears on the URL bar of Safari?

    I still prefer Istapaper as one of it's options is to save to Evernote. A brilliant combination in practise. Save, review, store.
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    ipad 2 is the best idevice and mobile device ever created so far, its sad..

    Have all three versions of the iPad and the 3 is by far the best visually and performance wise. That said the 2 is still a very nice machine. Especially it's thinness. I'm surprised I'm still conscious of the difference.
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    Downloading on IPAD

    Another app to look at is TagDisk HD.
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    The London Olympics 2012

    What don't daughters find boring......
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    Jury awards Apple more than $1B, finds Samsung infringed

    The problem is not the blatant copying, but if Apple took no action it effectively means that all future copying becomes acceptable by default. Five years to develop the iPhone, three months for the first Samsung copy. I won't be buying any Samsung goods and if that means I'm a fanboy so be...
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    cute iPad2 signature for email?

    Sent 2 my iPad from is.
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    iPad 2 Video App (Error: 'you do not have permission to access the requested content'

    Sorry Chris but access to the video is restricted. It's nothing to do with your iPad, if you try the link in a desktop browser you'll get the same result.
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    iOS 6 Beta 4 Release Reveals No YouTube App

    Thank goodness. That has to be the ugliest icon
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    Evernote versus notability

    Forgot to say it does take audio clips. Also great for photographing docs when you're in a hurry.
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    Evernote versus notability

    I find Evernote and Instapaper work very smoothly together. Read an article you like and a tap on your bookmark clips the article for later review, leaving out all the ads, likes, rubbish etc.. Then a quick check on Instapaper and you can export directly to Evernote within the app. Saves so...
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    What is it?

    Wasp nest?
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    Scanning on ipad3

    Try DocScan HD. It's free and works well with the iPad3's camera. I throw the scans into Evernote so it's synced between all my machines.
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    New guy ponders purchase

    Since you are a Mac user can I recommend the Screens app. It's just the best way to control your machine from your iPad, though for streaming video I actually prefer Splashtop.....
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    iPad4.. any guesses?

    Hah Adobe has given up on flash for mobile. I can remember when the iPad was first launched there were non stop complains about the absence of flash and how android was was going to sink iOS with this one feature alone. As to crashing apps I can't remember the last time, but I'm no...
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    you favorite app on ipad

    Mine's a double too. Instapaper and Evernote work wonderfully together. See an article of interest and save it to Instapaper, then with a couple of taps it's exported to Evernote where it's available on all my machines.
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    Microsoft Office Said to be Coming to iOS in November

    Tbh I think they are too late to market as most people have already developed workarounds or alternatives. It will certainly sell well, but nowhere near as well as it would have done if they had been quicker.
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    Which is your Favorite Country ?

    Should add that's sedentary with a book, an iPad and a glass of the blush full hippocrene.....
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    Which is your Favorite Country ?

    Too hard to answer. Just to live in the moment though Tuscany or Provence would get my votes.
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    Salam and Hi everybody ... Plz help !

    An option would be to open an account on the US iTunes using a gift card. There are details somewhere on this forum on how to do that. Your problem would be that your contacts would need to do something similar before you could spaek to them.....
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    Evernote on ipad 3

    Just a tip but Instapaper will send your saved webpages to Evernote. Those two apps work awesomely together. You read something interesting on the web, hit the instapaper bookmark and the meat of the article is saved minus the adverts/junk. Check it out later in Instapaper and hit the export...
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    How OCD are you about the battery level?

    We have all three variants here and I never bother with charging now. When it gets to 5% it lets you know, but it doesn't do any harm to let it completely run out. I just charge every morning regardless of the state of the battery and haven't noticed any degradation in charge duration.
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    Hey ~ Will get my iPad 3 Monday

    When you've set it up go to the app store and download iBooks (free), Flipboard and Pulse. These are the sort of apps that make you go wow as they really show off the new screen. Also worth checking out are Dropbox and Evernote, both free but once you use them you'll be hooked with their utility.
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    Screen protector or no?

    Have all three versions of iPads here and none have had screen covers. Scratching won't be a bother unless you are in a gritty environment. Just wipe the screen occasionally if it annoys toast crumbs and jam.
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    Computer games for women

    The women in my house seem to play a lot of Royal Envoy (free in app purchase to unlock later sections) and My Kingdom for a Princess. Both are town building type games. Personally the one I play most is an iPhone Sudoku from Mighty Good Games, that looks very crisp at 2x on the "new" iPad...