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  1. iVan

    iPad3 not level?

    It probably has more to do with the camera sensor position relative to the body of the iPad and the gyroscope. There are complaints of the same nature with the iPhone 5.
  2. iVan

    Where in the World

    The best part of it is leaving from the mountain, southward to the States and to follow the tiny border roads right to Lac Memphremagog, circle it from the top and go back down to the border near Owls Head and end it at Lake Champlain in Philipsburg... Can't wait till next summer!
  3. iVan

    Where in the World

    Bravo! What a small world! Literally! I'm from Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu about 150 klicks from there. Mégantic is one of my family's favorite drives. Well! The helm is yours again, Admiral! :)
  4. iVan

    Where in the World

    Thank you AA! This is a wonderful game, very difficult to play from an old iPad1 but interesting in the way it makes one travel virtually on this beautiful BlueBall... Okay. I would like to know the name of this place, where it is and the date of its foundation. Hint. It shares part of its...
  5. iVan

    Where in the World

    Iqaluit , capital of Nunavut, Canada. Formerly known as Frobisher Bay.
  6. iVan


    Could you clarify " recognize the iPad "? The one sure way of watching pictures on AppleTV from iPad is to set them on iCloud. Once there it's a breeze to find the right menu to access the pictures on the cloud. Give me a while and I'll write back to give you the right sequence of menus... To...
  7. iVan

    Holding off buying iPad mini for mini 2

    You're forgiven for high jacking cause it's a really cool setup. Must be hard to use though!
  8. iVan

    Why do people keep upgrading iPads?

    There's no bad purchasing reason for Apple products if you can afford them without straining your resources. Needs can be totally artificial with electronics and computing devices and life itself does not require them for most of us but it sure makes it more enjoyable at times. I usually run my...
  9. iVan

    Ipad mini not on the wireless network

    Wifi Routers are fairly inexpensive and getting more user friendly as models go by.
  10. iVan

    What does everyone use to clean their ipads screen?

    A clean, dry microfiber cloth. If there are tenacious specks, breath condensation provides more than enough humidity to delodge them. As with any cleaning activity it's better to do frequent light attempts rather than a big job once in a while. This screen will be three years old soon and still...
  11. iVan

    Safari for Mac/Windows..i love you?

    I still use Safari as my main browser although I have eight other ones. The newer version that will be bundled with IOS5 looks promising. I'm really looking forward to the reader part where you can store text without adds.
  12. iVan

    New Amazon Fire Tablet killing the iPad? We think not.....

    The killer factor in the "Fire" does not come from the lower price but from the fact that Amazon as Apple is the only other company offering a device tailored to the content it sells. No other tablet manufacturer besides those two except maybe for Sony can offer both device and content...
  13. iVan

    iPad doesn't support multitasking

    Even with iPad one just double click the home button to see the apps that are opened and switch from one to the other in the same fashion. Of course you will never see two apps in the same window but you're still multitasking in the same way as on a PC that has full sized windows opened.
  14. iVan

    Using i pad2 with all share samsung

    Look for Samsung in the app store they have an app. What you can do is pretty limited since Samsung have their own tablet and that they limit the use of communication to very specific tasks. When I bought my tv unit I was thinking the same thing you did until I found out that it's only a ploy...
  15. iVan

    How Do I Clear ALL of the internet history

    You might try in Google for that instead of anything in Safari...
  16. iVan

    How many of you read an actual paper book?

    I have no preference for any format. Whatever I find that I want to read I get. iPad, Sony Reader or paper makes no difference as long as the experience gets the movie rolling in my head I'm happy. If a book is heavy though that may ruin it. Smell of books? Let's talk about when you fall...
  17. iVan

    Hi Marie! I wrote to you on the Mac Forum and it felt as you did not recognize me. I write this...

    Hi Marie! I wrote to you on the Mac Forum and it felt as you did not recognize me. I write this to reassure you. Bye! :)
  18. iVan

    How long should the iPad last?

    I still have my first gen Nano and it works beautifully after 4+ years. When I'm not using it it's standing in an iPod dock next to the sound system so the battery is not an issue yet. I also have a first gen Shuffle that works nice but it's battery shows it's age. I expect the iPad to survive...
  19. iVan

    Uploading photos to websites

    I found out a way through ICab Mobile. It's a feature that was added in the last update of the browser. Before you were able to download pictures from most any site but lately just besides the button in the upload dialog box there's another one that popped up that leads to your camera roll.
  20. iVan

    Real reason Apple patches jailbreaks?

    Apple has a history of "borrowing ideas" from its very start. Most famous is the mouse interface. If their lawyers can cover it they'll take. Isn't it the American way? Nothin' new under the sun...
  21. iVan

    Not doing overtime for a few weeks leaves me some free time to myself. Who's iPadCharlie? Is it...

    Not doing overtime for a few weeks leaves me some free time to myself. Who's iPadCharlie? Is it who I think it is?
  22. iVan

    Congrats on that 8000th post! :) Say, I got a question. Who's that iPad Charlie?

    Congrats on that 8000th post! :) Say, I got a question. Who's that iPad Charlie?
  23. iVan

    What? I'm gone for a few weeks and... Got into a fight?

    What? I'm gone for a few weeks and... Got into a fight?
  24. iVan

    Very disappointed

    Find a copy of Windows 8 beta. They've simplified it drastically. I think they like what Apple's done with iOS...
  25. iVan

    Latest "Obnoxiosity" from Apple

    So, how about that ipad2 ? Do we have a deal?:D
  26. iVan

    Ipad and digital magazines

    I use Zinio for my mags and a few others that have their own app. I read Eco Car from down under, a mag I can't get in Canada. If you want an idea about interactive magazine get yourself a subscription to National Geographic. Their ideas are very fresh and novel. iOS 5 will have a mag store...
  27. iVan

    Latest "Obnoxiosity" from Apple

    Yup? Hi sweetie! Missed you!:D I'm having a pause from overtime, it feels great! So I thought I'd visit a few friends...
  28. iVan

    Latest "Obnoxiosity" from Apple

    I have a solution. Give me all your Apple products and I'll make sure they'll be treated with care, respect and appreciation. Is that an iPad 2? :p
  29. iVan

    Latest "Obnoxiosity" from Apple

    Even though the app has the same name if you look closely it is different in many tiny details. So this classifies it as being a new app and with it comes new legal notices. This has happened several times already and is nothing new.
  30. iVan

    How many hours your ipad is used.

    This may not be the adequate thread but today marks my first anniversary with my iPad. I got it delivered home last year on the first day of availability for Canadians. I use it daily and wouldn't change it for any other tablet out there but an iPad 2 if it was worth it. Oh, or a full Mac OS...
  31. iVan

    My iPad can now print!

    Printing from an email is a hit and miss proposition. The type of document is important or nothing gets printed. I've only managed about a dozen print jobs this way in the last 8 months. It's mostly a gimmick. Then it stopped and I can't access that email address anymore and even my account...
  32. iVan

    Coolest magazine for showing off the iPad

    National Geographic through the Zinio app. They come out to around two dollars a copy with a subscription. Very cheap... There's a whole slew of them there too. I also subscribe to EcoCar but if you have a lead foot there's Top Gear magazine.
  33. iVan

    Weird. Very weird.

    It does run your photos app as a picture frame slide show. You can choose the albums to show from and the type of display in settings. I'm afraid that Gavin DeGraw is there out of your own doing. Any one that bothers you?
  34. iVan

    iCab - what is it how do I use it?

    It's just a browser like Safari but with a lot more features such as file manipulation. iCab Mobile - The Internet Taxi for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
  35. iVan

    Name a Pet Peeve!

    Pushy people...
  36. iVan

    I want to hear from all you 3G ipad owners, has it been worth it?

    OP response. Well... I got the 32GB 3G and I found myself not traveling as much as anticipated. Furthermore when I leave I usually chicken out of bringing the iPad for fear of damaging it. So over almost a year each outing was costly but well worth it still.
  37. iVan

    What is your job???

    Pretty well so far! I'm not tied to a specialized assembly table like the last time. I'm sent to any department that's overloaded to help with workflow. I can be doing assembly one day, metal work during the afternoon, finishing the next day, upholstery, basic lighting wiring, packing &...
  38. iVan

    What is your job???

    I'm a cabinet maker. I work for a mid sized company where we make high end displays for jewelry stores and watch manufacturers like Cartier, Rolex, IWC, Roman Times, Dubuis etc.
  39. iVan

    How to get music from iPad to stereo system

    The sound from the headphone jack will be analog and its quality can be altered from anything from wire quality to electromagnetic interference. The sound from the 30 pin plug (aka USB) is digital and stands less possibilities of being modified on the way to the converting device.
  40. iVan

    Most expensive App you have ever bought?

    I have both and like them both. If Pages had more sharing options I'd use it more as most of what I write must move quickly. I must also correct documents. Pages has evolved quite a bit in connectivity but not fast enough. It used to be that you had to connect through iTunes to get documents out...