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  1. twerppoet

    Looking For GPS/Satellite Photo App

    I was surprised to see that Moiton-X GPS HD now crashes on my iPad. I checked, and the support pages are mostly dead. the App Store (In my Purchased Apps section) shows it hasn’t had an update for three years. I presume it’s a dead app. The iPhone verision, Motion-X GPS still works, but may not...
  2. twerppoet

    Cannot Print to Samsung CLP-680DW

    Another possibility is to use a Mac app like Printopia. This app will allow you to share any Mac printer with your iOS devices. It works with AirPrint. Unlike brand specific apps like HP Print, this will work in any app that supports printing. I used to use this in the early days of iOS, when...
  3. twerppoet

    Notes Issue

    When you first start a new note, the new note icon (page and pencil) will be grayed out until you add something to the note. As soon as you start typing or drawing, the icon should become active again. You should also see a Done option appear when editing the note. I'm not sure why the pen...
  4. twerppoet

    Notes Issue

    I don't know what you mean by "the square with a cross".
  5. twerppoet

    Latest OS versions - discussions

    Unlocked my iPhone with Apple Watch for first time to day. Some fairly obvious observations, because I can’t keep my mouth shut. :oops: Apple does not have the resources to test all apps for a beta. That is up to the developers. When a developer stops supporting an app, it is time to start...
  6. twerppoet

    “Reaction” button on fb with ipad air

    I can’t think of any reason an iOS update would cause this, Try restarting the iPad. Keep an eye out for an update for the FaceBook app. I can’t test anything. I quit FaceBook a couple years ago.
  7. twerppoet

    Anyone know of a good cleaner app to clear out the user cache?

    Yes. The name has changed a couple of times over several versions. The option should clear the catch, cookies, and any Javascript data stored on the iPad.
  8. twerppoet

    Notes Issue

    The first line of text will be larger and bold if "New Notes Start With" is set to Title in Settings > Notes. There is little else you can do. The Notes app does not have selectable fonts. You can type in bold, underline, and italic, but the text should be normal by default. There are some...
  9. twerppoet

    Anyone know of a good cleaner app to clear out the user cache?

    Under Settings > Safari there should be an option to clear history and website data. The location varies a bit depending on the iOS version, but should not be difficult to find. Keep in mind this will also clear persistent log-in info, so that sites that normally remember that you are logged in...
  10. twerppoet

    iPAD 7th Gen, 11 (A2197) ERROR 4013

    You probably know this, but if there is an Apple Store nearby they will run a diagnostic for free, then let you know what a repair will cost. It is likely that they will recover it from the current boot loop during the diagnostic, if it possible. After which, of course, you'll probably find...
  11. twerppoet

    iPad issue

    No problem.
  12. twerppoet

    iPad issue

    Just the Music app's play controls. Sometimes it stick around longer than it's welcome. The Music app itself isn't doing anything, so long as you don't tap play. You should be able to make it to go away by force quitting the Music app.
  13. twerppoet

    Mail on ipad

    Nope, but I almost never use bcc. Who is your email provider? You might have some control of your Junk Mail filter. If it's iCloud, make sure your own address is in the Contacts app. Apple will rarely junk an email if the address is in Contacts.
  14. twerppoet


    SMS messages (outside the Apple Message App system) only work on the iPhone unless you enable it on the iPhone. On the iPhone go to Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding. Enable your two devices there, and they should start receiving all messages that your iPhone does. Note: Only...
  15. twerppoet

    Cursor problems in Pages - cursor doesn’t show insertion point

    Only thing I can suggest is the usual restart of the iPad. I've been using Pages a fair amount recently, and have not noticed an issues. The last update to Pages was three weeks ago, so unless you've been living with this for a while, it's unlikely to be a new bug. Note: Force quitting the app...
  16. twerppoet


    One of the best you can buy. At least until the next WWDC, this June 7th.
  17. twerppoet

    iPad as laptop Replacement

    New iPad models generally come out mid year. It's pretty common to have bought the previous year's model if you aren't paying close attention to release dates, especially if you do not buy direct from Apple. New models generally take a month or two to hit the normal outlets. That said, nothing...
  18. twerppoet

    iPad as laptop Replacement

    If you have Apple’s Support app installed, you can easily check your warrantee status by selecting your device, then Device Details. You can check all your devices that are registered to the same Apple ID. It is also possible to check this info on Apple’s site in the Support tab, but you’ll...
  19. twerppoet


  20. twerppoet

    iPad gets some emails and texts, but not all

    One or more of your email accounts may be POP3. Old email accounts, especially those provided by Internet Service Providers tend to be on POP3 servers (by default). This type of account is difficult to keep synced across multiple devices. It was created back when most people had one (at most)...
  21. twerppoet

    Wireless mouse for ipad’

    Correct. Bluetooth devices do not require a dongle with the iPad, or most modern computers/devices. There was a brief period of time when bluetooth dongles did exist, so that older non-bluetooth computers could use bluetooth mice and keyboards. You'd be hard pressed to find such a computer or...
  22. twerppoet

    Wireless mouse for ipad’

    While you may have had issues with bluetooth mice in the past, I doubt it would be much of an issue on the iPad; as long as you got a decent one. New Accessibility features have even made it possible to assign a limited number of actions to extra buttons on the mouse. I've read several articles...
  23. twerppoet

    Adding iPad to my devices... how?

    He can attempt to recover his Apple ID by going to > the Support tab, and choosing "Forgot Apple ID or Password". It's just below the icons of all the different products. With luck, he'll remember enough to recover the rest. If he has an iCloud account (very few iPad user's don't) he...
  24. twerppoet

    How to Adjust Trackpad Sensitivity

    I do not have a trackpad for my iPad, but if there are any generic controls for it they would most likely be under Settings > Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch > Devices. You keyboard/touchpad will need to be connected (via bluetooth) before you see it shown here. From your description...
  25. twerppoet

    Should I use GarageBand?

    m4a is a variation of mp4. Most modern music players, even Windows player, will play this file without issues. The quality is similar to mp4, while achieving slightly smaller files. The quality options in GarageBand are Low Quality (64 kBt/s, Medium Quality (128 kBit/s, High Quality (192...
  26. twerppoet

    How to download videos from ?

    Since the site itself does not allow for video downloading, the only choice is to record the video as it plays. This is because the server is not showing you the file, only a stream of data from the file. It's the difference between someone pointing at some water bottles on a shelf, or pouring...
  27. twerppoet

    How to download videos from ?

    In that case the only method I know of is using Screen Capture, as BikeFlagAZ suggested. To make it easier, add Screen Recording to your Control Center. Expand the video to full screen before playing for best results. Captured video will include everything on screen, including incoming...
  28. twerppoet

    How to download videos from ?

    I've never done it myself, but I suspect you can only do it using Amazon's Prime Video app. The download option shows up when you select a video (for most videos) and there it is a Downloads tab at the bottom to show what you have downloaded. It's in the App Store, of course.
  29. twerppoet

    20 watt charger

    The A1567 model number is for the iPad Air (2nd Generation). iPad Air 2, for short. If you do own an iPad Pro, then the same general rules (below) apply, except the original charger is probably larger than 12W. --------- 20W should be a larger capacity charger than the original iPad Air 2...
  30. twerppoet

    Ipad Pro document

    Your best bet would be to get an app that lets you create your own fillable PDF forms. PDF Office by Readdle used to do this, but it does not seem to be available in the App Store anymore. The newer apps by Readdle do not have this capability. I'm not sure what apps are available now. If a...
  31. twerppoet

    Documents connection blocked

    All I can think of is there might be a problem with their website. Try it again and see if it's fixed itself. Failing that, you can try Readdle's support site. There are some articles that might help, or use the Contact info if not. Readdle I don't use this feature myself. I mostly use a...
  32. twerppoet


    The only other thing I can think of is your Message notification settings on the iPhone at Settings > Notifications > Messages; since you've got the Watch set to Mirror iPhone. If that's not the issue, you could change to custom settings, and see if you can make it work that way.
  33. twerppoet

    Old IPAD to New??

    If the only thing you use it for is your nephew and other young visitors, you might want to set up a separate account. If you do, check out Apple's site for kids. It should help you keep the iPad under control, and make it so you can share the apps you want without buying them twice. Apple for...
  34. twerppoet


    If you have not done so, on your watch go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics and check the settings there. Or you can do change the same settings in the Watch app on the iPhone.
  35. twerppoet

    Ipad text messager doesn't work but does on Iphone

    No problem. Glad to help.
  36. twerppoet

    Ipad text messager doesn't work but does on Iphone

    I'm not completely sure what your issue is, so here are some common problems and solutions. 1) Can't send or receive any messages. Go to Settings > Messages and make sure iMessage is turned on. Under Send & Receive, make sure the addresses you want to send and receive messages to/from are...
  37. twerppoet

    Safari Glitch

    I did a little experimenting. Looks like you need to turn off Block All Cookies in Settings > Safari I had to reload the home page after returning the setting to my usual before the strange enteral blank loading page went away. I also suspected Block Pop-ups, but it does not seem to have any...
  38. twerppoet

    How to number photos within Shared Albums

    No problem. I can't think of any workaround. I don't use the Shared Albums, so my experience with them is limited
  39. twerppoet

    How to number photos within Shared Albums

    I don't know what you want the numbering to accomplish, so I don't know if these methods will help. For a visible number on the photo, you can annotate the photo using Photos builtin Markup tool, or another markup tool like Annotable. Open the photo and choose Edit. In the Edit screen/mode...
  40. twerppoet

    Help with factory reset

    I recommend you contact Apple Tech Support. You can do this through their Support app, in the app store. Or if you are close to an Apple Store see if you can bet an appointment to bring it in for a diagnostic. There is rarely a charge for this kind of issue, but if there is they will let you...