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  1. JohnnyApple

    Anyone else not able to logon via Tapatalk?

    Didn't have the plugin installed yet but now it is! Thank you!
  2. JohnnyApple

    Tim Cook Email Explains Why Apple Won't Help Hack Shooter's iPhone

    I'm very glad that Apple is taking this stand. It's necessary to protect us, their users and customers. The government is trying to be heavy handed and is using a tragedy to try and slip it past everyone. Shameful.
  3. JohnnyApple

    This forum software

    In case anyone else is wondering, you can change the style at this URL: Style Chooser | Apple iPad Forum Or there is a selector near the footer of the page, it should say "iPadForums - UI.X" if you click on that, the selector should pop up.
  4. JohnnyApple

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    Playing Halo 5 on XBox 1 right now.
  5. JohnnyApple

    Web Redirect issue

    This is most likely an issue with your ISP provided router trying to "take over" some of your search traffic so they can make money.
  6. JohnnyApple

    The official "I got my iPad Pro" thread

    Congratulations to you guys, I'm slightly jealous :)
  7. JohnnyApple

    Problem occurred with this webpage so it was reloaded

    We are still trying to figure out the reload problem some people are having.
  8. JohnnyApple

    iPad 2 Display problem

    Thank you for the follow up and the update! I'm sure it will help someone in the future.
  9. JohnnyApple

    Is there an app that lets you save words to a list...

    You can use Siri for this too. Same thing as using Siri to add items to your shopping list. How to add events to Reminders app? | Apple iPad Forum
  10. JohnnyApple

    Post your favorite YouTube videos.

    I also really like this video, and great soundtrack... very well done:
  11. JohnnyApple

    iPad Pro size with 2 iPad Air 2 pics. Reference pics, battery life and impressions.

    How sharp do the edges feel in your hand? I have that issue with the iPad Air 2... its so thin that its a bit uncomfortable in my hands after a bit of time.
  12. JohnnyApple

    iPad Pro Battery Life

    I think that is pretty impressive battery life for the performance you are getting.
  13. JohnnyApple

    Problem occurred with this webpage so it was reloaded

    I actually prefer the time at the bottom, as this gives the users content more priority.
  14. JohnnyApple

    The official "I got my iPad Pro" thread

    Man, I really kicked around the idea of getting one but just can't justify the cost for features I probably wouldn't use.
  15. JohnnyApple

    Dedicated site for the Apple Watch @

    Just wanted to post up here and let everyone know that in addition to this section we also have a dedicated Apple Watch Forum at
  16. JohnnyApple

    Heres some of my great iPad wallies..

    Guys, please refrain from posting any "babes" type pictures where the woman even "suggests" nudity... even strategically covered nudity is against the google adsense policy and they come down on us. I've had to remove many images... please refrain from posting them again. Thanks!
  17. JohnnyApple Upgrade Problems - Issues Thread

    Have you tried the Tapatalk app? It is very similar to our old app and works just fine.
  18. JohnnyApple Upgrade Problems - Issues Thread

    This should now be fixed.
  19. JohnnyApple Upgrade Problems - Issues Thread

    Can you give me some example URL's that aren't working?
  20. JohnnyApple

    How to create an icon & shortcut on your iPad

    That is Apple's version of the 'share' icon. Unfortunately, everyone has a different version.
  21. JohnnyApple Upgrade Problems - Issues Thread

    We might be able to find a way to 'update' it to the new version so I would hold off for now but its definitely not going to be working for a while. We are investigating what to do about it right now.
  22. JohnnyApple Upgrade Problems - Issues Thread

    On a computer if you hover over them it will tell you. I know that doesn't work on an ipad though so here is a screenshot of what they mean. To everyone else, the branded app is being discontinued. We will create a replacement app but it will essentially just be a browser...
  23. JohnnyApple Upgrade Problems - Issues Thread

    OK everyone. The user titles are now back like they were and some additional levels added. Here is a screenshot of the different levels.
  24. JohnnyApple Upgrade Problems - Issues Thread

    Give us a few days to get this software setup, I believe once we get it done you will like it much better then the old site. It's just a long process to do the conversion and get this site setup just right... should have more time to get it going tomorrow.
  25. JohnnyApple

    Forum Help and Questions

    Send me a PM with the username you want, I'll update it.
  26. JohnnyApple

    Apple Officially Unveils the iPad Air & More; Full Specs Detailed

    Very impressed with this... most of this stuff was still a secret so Apple still has it. And this is not just an incremental upgrade, its a pretty big upgrade, IMHO.
  27. JohnnyApple

    WoW....You guys are fast!

    I wish I could, just got the 2! Can't afford it now.
  28. JohnnyApple

    Welcome to the iPad Air Forum!

    I'm excited about the iPad Air... what a big upgrade!
  29. JohnnyApple

    New iPad 5 & iPad Mini 2 Rumor Roundup

    Since I just picked up two new ipads less then 15 days ago I'm a bit sad... but that is tech life... always something new around the corner.
  30. JohnnyApple

    Intriguing Gaming/PC Desk Kickstarter Project Called 'Paradise Desk'

    I backed this project, very cool project.
  31. JohnnyApple

    Name your own price for $412 worth of Mac Apps - Seriously!

    I'm a sucker for bundles. I purchase them all the time. Usually because I see an App that I've been wanting anyway and you usually get the App plus a ton of others for the same price I would have paid for the App alone anyway. It's a win/win. They get a sale they may not have gotten and I get an...
  32. JohnnyApple

    Did the iPad 4 announcement surprise you?

    If you feel that way then I feel sorry for you. Why did they screw you? Because you bought an iPad recently -- and it was okay for Apple to "screw" everyone else over that had an iPad 1, iPad 2, etc. but since you had the latest and greatest it was OK? They've done nothing, except continue to...
  33. JohnnyApple

    Welcome to the iPad 4 Forum!

    Didn't see this one coming, did ya! :)
  34. JohnnyApple

    Welcome to the iPad 4 Forum!

    Also known as the iPad Retina edition.
  35. JohnnyApple

    Who's watching the liveblog now waiting for iPad mini info?

    Store still isn't up :) Gah, not til Friday will you be able to pre-order.
  36. JohnnyApple

    Who's watching the liveblog now waiting for iPad mini info?

    Finally, and it looks impressive. Store, come up!