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  1. Bremen

    A joke named "Multitasking" in 4.2.1

    To the OP... I suggest you get a Windows Mobile device, many are coming out. No since dealing with something you don't like. I am a PC user, and have been enjoying my iPad over 6 months, but I am not you. If I were you I would return/sell the iPad and get WinMo......
  2. Bremen

    Cant't get AirPrint to work!! :(((

    I have the HP D110, and it works fine. It also has the web print feature, and I have been printing that way for about 3 months from my iPad.... the new way is much easier, but waiting until apps update to be able to use this new feature. The Apple apps are already working (mail, safari...etc)...
  3. Bremen

    ibooks won't download

    As nutty as it sounds, turn fully off and on your iPad (reboot). Fixes most such issues. Let us know if it works.
  4. Bremen

    Apple’s iPad Currently Controls 95 Percent of the Tablet Market

    After 7 months with my iPad, I have no interest in Android.... But, I welcome them to the party, and wish the OS well. Competition is good for all.
  5. Bremen

    Issues When Viewing This Site

    No,it has to be set to the Mobile Safari option. I guess it has something to do with the way Atomic works....
  6. Bremen

    iBook vs Kindle

    I think both apps are good, and give a good reader experience. They are different enough that they can appeal to different people, and therefore give choice. I use Stanza most of the time because I like to set my own margins, have quick backlight adjustment, and in general tweak the formatting...
  7. Bremen

    B&N Books in iBooks?

    Just use the B&N app to read them. It's free, and that's what it is made for.
  8. Bremen

    I Hate The App Store

    There is simply no easy way to browse 200,000 plus of anything. The only way to do it is by searching. I hate it as well, because I know that I am missing some gems hidden in there.............. Also, as others said, appshopper, touch arcade...etc... can help.....
  9. Bremen

    iPAD Book Release - GOD IS NO ANGEL

    If you were a part of our community, I would at least look at your book. But a one hit spam post does not make me want to look. At least you could have been respectful enough to post your ad in the "promote your book" thread.....
  10. Bremen

    iBooks store question

    The experience will be the same as your iPod. Same readers (Kindle, Kobo, B&N, Borders, Txtr, Goodreader...etc.) and same behavior in purchasing. You can also drag and drop non DRM ePubs and PDF's into iBooks while connected to iTunes. I have gotten to where I have WIFI off a lot as there is...
  11. Bremen

    Will You Sell The iPad If..

    I would trade up for more ram, cheaper/more storage, faster CPU.... and perhaps the screen like the iPhone 4 has..... on the storage issue... often on iPod and iPhone updates the smallest storage is dropped, and the prices remain the same.... in other words iPad 2 could be WIFI 32 gig for...
  12. Bremen

    And Then There Were Two

    They limit their book sales, to their devices. Amazon, Kobo, B&N, Borders...etc... have apps for PC/Mac/Android devices/iDevices/Blackberry....etc.... so for example, people that own any of the above devices can buy and read books from their bookstores. Sony is the only one that you cannot. They...
  13. Bremen

    iPad makes Apple the #3 Manufacturer

    For me defining what is a computer is the hard part. In traditional terms IMHO the iPad is not a computer. But, I wager in 20 years it will be hard to even find a "traditional" computer. The 80's is when our concept of what a computer is was defined, the next few years I think will define the...
  14. Bremen

    How frequently do you charge?

    I treat it like my phone, plug it in every night....
  15. Bremen

    What Happen to Math3w?

    I know he had been talking for a while about doing another tour in Afghanistan, perhaps he shipped out....
  16. Bremen

    Open and edit PowerPoint and PDFs on ipad

    +1 for Documents to go, not perfect, not even great... but the best current option on the iPad.
  17. Bremen

    Free ebook sites, already in iBook (ePub) format

    Some say you can also use the Txtr iPhone app and it works. I don't know as I never tried it, but worth a try if you have a good library.
  18. Bremen

    Change to Sepia

    Just get one of the free titles from Smashwords and check it out. I don't remember it being that way, but it would be easy to check.
  19. Bremen

    iPad wanna be's

    Sounds like eBay time for you :D
  20. Bremen

    iPad wanna be's

    The marketplace will decide. Let's all get together in two years and see...... I'm taking a "wild" guess and saying iPad forums will still be here........ How many years have we been hearing a "iPod" killer, is just around the corner.... oh... is that it!!!! Or how many years now have we heard...
  21. Bremen

    And Then There Were Two

    I agree with you.... all the others are wanna be's except Sony... Sony is dead, will be out of eBooks in a few years......
  22. Bremen

    Apple a bit bashful - censorship in action...

    Well said :cool: Note how Zinio tells how to get their content, if you want it, on other devices. Not censorship, just company guidelines of what products to sell. In our local Wal-mart they have HP, Dell, and Acer computers. I want a SONY! Wal-mart is censoring and cherry picking products to...
  23. Bremen

    After a week of usage, here are my thoughts

    @Stingray Sounds like the iPad is not for you, that's cool :) I can't stand Macs, so a Mac is not for me. That does not make me a Windows fanboy, or a bad person. It also does not mean the PC is better than Mac, or that there is anything wrong with Macs. It just means that a Mac is not for me.
  24. Bremen

    Apple a bit bashful - censorship in action...

    The fanboi card has now been played.... all serious discussion has ended.... :p
  25. Bremen

    I am suing Apple

    I'm going to sue this forum because of the mental anguish caused by these stories.....
  26. Bremen

    Why do I need a Glare Protector for my iPad?

    I don't need a glare shield, but thanks anyway.....
  27. Bremen

    Anybody Do Any Video Editing on ipad?

    I don't, but I know some do. It would be like the music apps.... It is great for getting ideas, and structure... but of course will not take the place of a real studio.... I bet the video editing would be basic, but fun... and hopefully would allow exporting to Vegas or Final Cut or Adobe.... Of...
  28. Bremen

    Apple a bit bashful - censorship in action...

    It's all good.... kinda fun thread really :)
  29. Bremen

    Apple a bit bashful - censorship in action...

    And I totally agree with the highlighted statement above. But no one is dictating that to you. Apple is just saying they are not going to provide that product to you. For example... If a game seller in the UK does not want to carry a certain video game because they think it is to violent, you...
  30. Bremen

    Apple a bit bashful - censorship in action...

    You are right, but I was not mixed up at all. The OP brought "The communist manifesto? Mein kampf? Plato's Republic?" into the mix, and it is just silly to even suggest any connection. FYI Just because someone who jots down a Wikipedia entry uses the word 'censorship" means nothing to me. I know...
  31. Bremen

    For the older users out there....

    At 57 I do it all, including lots of games.... I'm sure you already know this but is an excellent gaming site....
  32. Bremen

    I'm sold on the magic of MobileMe!

    Here you go.... .... Apple - iPad - Keep your email, contacts, and calendar up to date.
  33. Bremen

    iPad Owners are “Selfish Elites†and their critics are “Independent Geeksâ€

    Pointless and flawed study... I quote The Study From March through May of 2010 MyType surveyed over 20,000 of its users on Facebook about Apple’s iPad to reveal the personality traits, values, demographics and interests that drive differences in opinion about the new tablet computer"...
  34. Bremen

    Chopper 2 out now!!!

    Will have to check it out... thanks!
  35. Bremen

    Chopper 2 out now!!!

    Do you have it? does the iPhone/iPad combo work well?
  36. Bremen

    Apple a bit bashful - censorship in action...

    Only the government can censor..... a company not allowing certain material on their product is their business choice. There are plenty of places to get erotic fiction and port, don't worry..... Apple for example refusing to allow a KKK or Black Panther or Third Reich app is their business...
  37. Bremen

    Augen 7" Android Tablet, $149 at K-Mart: iPad killer?

    K-mart, where I go for all my technology needs........
  38. Bremen

    Jailbreaking now legal!

    cmalinowski said "Just my thoughts. I am in no way necessarily correct nor well informed. I just read stuff on the internet. Chris" Hat's off to you my friend :) - you are a wise and honest soul :D
  39. Bremen

    Can iBook read txt files?

    You are right, the text search in iBooks is an excellent feature..... If the OP has Pages your suggestion is great.... but to spend $10 for pages, and then the hassle of converting...etc...... is not so great... Goodreader = problem solved....