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  1. NumbLock

    Made homemade family dvd with menus, can it transfer over?

    I think they convert as chapters. Try HandBrake (now with an iPad preset) or FormatFactory for those type-A personalities. See the link in my sig.
  2. NumbLock

    Restaurant Story! Need neighbors

    How do you find out your own Storm8 ID? My girlfriend is rather befuddled, and needs neighbors to advance.
  3. NumbLock

    iPad Jailbreaking is Illegal?

    Totally legal: "Under the DMCA of 2010, jailbreaking is legal in the United States, although Apple has announced that the practice "can violate the warranty."[1] It is also legal in many other countries including those of the EU. However, the jailbreaking process does not include any...
  4. NumbLock

    Non tech/non interested spouse

    Buy her Restaurant Story, Sims 3 (iPad) - they're gateway drugs. My girlfriend sent her FIRST e-mail with her iPad.
  5. NumbLock

    A killer PDF on the iPAD

    Do you have a Mac or PC? I often have weird compatibility problems because I use hundreds of PDFs. If on a Mac, just open it in the default PDF viewer thing, and do a Save As... In 100% of my tests, that fixes iPad compatibility unless the PDF was intentionally corrupted by hackers and scammers...
  6. NumbLock

    What stylus to buy?

    I use the Pogo for drawing, taking notes and annotating PDF files in GoodReader. The size if the thing is too tiny in my hands, and the mushy tip bugs me. I was thinking of giving the Griffin or Alupen a shot.
  7. NumbLock

    Looking for a VNC client

    iTeleport works with both Mac and PC, and the have a helper app iTeleport Connect for both.
  8. NumbLock

    disappearance of the symbol of wifi signal

    I had the same problem. I troubleshot it down to a Wifi repeater. The iPad works still, but Apple should look into it.
  9. NumbLock

    hi hi hi im new and i love ipad 2

    Best tablet in history! Right on, and welcome!
  10. NumbLock

    Advice for getting Google Earth when restricted.

    Thanks for the tip. No idea why it wouldn't work, though as it works here in Switzerland.
  11. NumbLock

    Bags and Slings ????

    My man purse, or as I prefer to call it "action pouch" is similar the TimBuc2, but more stylish. I really like that form factor, and would like simething in leather - but so far they just haven't been affordable.
  12. NumbLock

    Can anyone recommend an iPad2 6' charge/sync cable and 12v charger?

    Go have a look at the Apple World Travel adapter. Besides what it says on the box, it comes with a long power cable. Apple World Travel Adapter Kit - Apple Store (U.S.)
  13. NumbLock

    Is there an iAnnotate-like app for .docx, .rtf, .doc's ?

    I think we're still waiting for the perfect Office app. What I personally do is save my Office files to PDF and annotate the within that app.
  14. NumbLock

    please help now i am disappointed w ipad2

    Some people on another forum are recommending the app Downloader for downloading and reading .RAR files. Usually inside the various apps (I use GoodReader) you can mail files. While i don't disagree with the points you list as frustration, stick with it, with 60k apps and counting, there is...
  15. NumbLock

    So - So review

    60k apps and counting. I don't disagree with your review, but I place very heavy weight on the battery, portability, and apps.
  16. NumbLock

    Shipment date moved up!! Anyone else?

    Yes! My shipment was moved up from May 3 to April 21! :D
  17. NumbLock

    Magazines on iPad, How Important Is an App?

    Download Wired, it's free this month (sponsored by Adobe) to see how to get it right.
  18. NumbLock

    Magazines on iPad, How Important Is an App?

    Excellent! But I don't agree with this 100%. I see the app as equal to the content. The advantage of getting the app right, is you should only have to do it once, nail it, then focus on what you love to do - creat great content! For me, a crappy app makes great content less enjoyable - or...
  19. NumbLock

    Goodreader performance on iPad 2?

    In my tests, it is at least twice as fast loading pages and annotation.
  20. NumbLock


    The Pulse is good, but Zite is better. You should DEFINATELY check if your local rag has an app. Here, they all ad-supported and free.
  21. NumbLock

    What was your first car and favourite car ever!

    My first 'car' - while I shudder to call it that - was a 1988 Jeep Wrangler. The best all-time is the 2007+ Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. But the Tesla Roadster is my second place.
  22. NumbLock

    Magazines on iPad, How Important Is an App?

    Very, but I didn't write totally because, let's face it, the success of your company isn't 100% reliant on the app. That said, I am a heavy consumer of Magazine apps, and the usability of the app is as important as the content. Wired magazine does it right, GQ does it wrong. And if your...
  23. NumbLock

    First impressions using iPad2

    Welcome! I have some tips in my sig until Apple works out how to deal better with files in iOS.
  24. NumbLock

    Heres some of my great iPad wallies..

    Wow, pretty awesome. Who is the babe?
  25. NumbLock

    iOS 5- what would you like to see for iPad?

    Did you guys see this? Pretty awesome if you ask me, sunlight readable, low power, and you could use it to fake a double resolution because one screen lies over the other.
  26. NumbLock

    J.Jackson Jr. Says Ipad are the cause of job decline!

    We should avoid politics, but I just have to add: LOL at J. Jackson, professional nutter.
  27. NumbLock

    I want to hear from all you 3G ipad owners, has it been worth it?

    Yes, totally worth it. You only pay when you want to use it, right? It makes taking the iPad on the road a very strong tool.
  28. NumbLock

    Can I delete prior Google searches?

    Welcome! Yes. Just tap the bookmark symbol, then History, then Clear History
  29. NumbLock

    ipad 2 and 1 same screen?

    We also had the two iPads side by side and the iPad 2 screen is dramatically different. I'll read that Anand link now, but my gut feeling is that the contrast is better and it just feels "deeper". Woot, 2000 posts.
  30. NumbLock

    hypocrisy In the forum - Why ?

    Tried it, didn't like it. As my mamma used to say, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."
  31. NumbLock

    how to delete music directly from ipad without itunes

    Have you tried selecting the media to be deleted in the list view and sliding your finger from right to left?
  32. NumbLock

    picked up xoom to compare with my ipad 2.....Fail!

    I am still impressed every time, while I didn't expect the iPad to win the benchmarks, it does: GLBenchmark - Phone details comparsion
  33. NumbLock

    Photoshop on iPad 2

    I use Sketchbook Pro, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this soon: Photoshop for iPad Live Demo
  34. NumbLock

    Thin hdmi cable recommendation

    Wow, I need that too!
  35. NumbLock

    The letter 'I' to capitalise

    Here I make a little test I say it works. I have autocorrection and I have auto caps turned on I do.
  36. NumbLock

    Screen Bleeding Problem - Question

    Excellent test gforeman!
  37. NumbLock

    Hello, bonjour, buenos dias!

    You're on a forum about a gadget. Your a geek. :) Welcome fellow geek.
  38. NumbLock

    Screen Bleeding Problem - Question

    By the way, the bleeding on my GFs iPad 2 is much less than my iPad 1. Somehow. Think this is a storm in a teacup. That being said, I hope my order is perfect ;)
  39. NumbLock

    Chinese Goods

    Ok, name the American made alternative? Both Google (android) and Apple are US companies. This forum is international, and your comments probably won't be well-received.
  40. NumbLock

    What is the ipad2 like for intensive web browsing?

    I do 95% of my browsing on the iPad. Wonderful. And my girlfriend has an iPad 2 (while I wait for delivery of mine) and it is even better.