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    Steve Jobs Passes Away

    It's like something landed in Cupertino and sucked all the happiness out of the world
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    Singapore iPad use in Malaysia

    i use skype for more than one year skype everyday witj my iPad 1 and with the 2 and never get any trouble … i use it in 3G or in wifi depend one the network (StarHub prepaid card)
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    ipad 2, I'll just wait for #3

    About this it's clear Apple is milestones in front of all ... but let say the iPad2 is not so big improvement we can wait from them the weak point (in my eyes) No Retina No larger memory capacity (ex: 128Go) No storage possible No USB port for 3 party accessoiries The 2 one is faster Ok, ok...
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    ipad 2, I'll just wait for #3

    currently i agree with you , but i will not get the xoom, the current one is perfect ... i will wait to see if the 2 is really more faster
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    White or black?

    i will keep my current one :) and wait some time for see how the 2 work
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    Game: Answer question with a question

    Most of moderator are not super should i say more ?
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    Game: Answer question with a question

    can i start before the end ?
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    KILLED Ipad

    gloup’s that’s why i refuse to JB my iDevices so many trouble ….. if you can’t wake up your ipad try to use RecBoot it should help you
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    iBook 1.2 great improvement with a big problem

    i have update my iPhone4 and iPad & i create collection but i did it in my iPhone4 and later when i open mu ibooks in the ipad all collection be created and yet i don’t have this problem maybe is because i start by iphone & my ipad sync by himself …
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    Sharing universal apps with 2 users?

    hello in my Mac i manage 7 iDevices (all same account) and strictly no problem at all , when i delete app’s in one device itunes remember this choice … but i can’t say more in your case as you have two account in the same computer …
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    New Mach 3 Composites Carbon Fiber iPad Covers

    Ho sorry i have not see the picture in the page two …. the one i prefer is the suit case for iPad , but pity no handle and no way to have it in No Name (mean No Logo) as i prefer stuff like this than big logo in it Good job i guess the cover will be success by the way the iPhone4 look...
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    New Mach 3 Composites Carbon Fiber iPad Covers

    why no picture about the inside and the border ??
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    This new game center thing is annoying

    hi i have find how desactivate the game center it’s easy , just press in your login name in the home page of the game center … me too this annoy me especially if you use turn around with some game … but lucky me i found how to kick out this function
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    hi i guess , you have yet find how to play this game i love it and found some turnaround to arrive in level 26 without paid one cents’ and in less than one week
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    Ipad Killers? What do you think?

    i agree with you when you compare RIM & Apple , but have one important point you didn’t consider , is RIM is not creative as Apple we have see their fail with the ‘’ Storm’’ , they also miss the media content … this can be a week point for them to arrive to be big challenger of...
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    Ipad Killers? What do you think?

    hi, for business reason we have a Galaxy Tab for almost 2 month one of the biggest complain is the lack of app’s and the second is the response time compare to the iPad … Web surfing is a little better than a mobile due to the size other than this reading eBook is not that good … this devices...
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    Complete IPad Novice

    Hello and welcome here, concerning your music , plug your ipad and check in itunes what you want to synchronize or not see in all tabs what you want to sync or not .. as Scott say you can add the manual in your ipad by first download Ibooks (witch is the best ebook reader i know) and after...
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    New Mach 3 Composites Carbon Fiber iPad Covers

    Nice one but a little pricey … (maybe, anyway in my eyes)
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    iPad 2

    Guy’s , don’t rush this is coming from a prototype almost 3 week SZ-BHX (witch i know well) spam all is contact with this design …. last year they also pretend to have the final one and we see their cutting is not right : the case with the hole in lateral and down side … is too early for the...
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    A dictionary for iBook - Not English

    Seem’s currently only english, i am also looking for the french one … but currently now way. i don’t think Apple will allow any app’s work with their software … So we need to be patient
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    Why All The Restrictions

    I am not sure as you the Android tablet will cut the share of the Apple market … currently we have also a Galaxy Tab , the size is interesting but the OS can’t be compare with iOs … i will give you an example no one of the 3 french network operator want to promote the G Tab , but in same...
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    Why All The Restrictions

    Hi Yvan as we are (i mean you &Me) early adopter, our experience is interesting to compare … for me by example i use it more for work from the day i get my 3G i never took with me my Mac when i have trip less than 3 days, but in same time i also use it every day for read book, magazine and...
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    Why All The Restrictions

    Since you like Apple you are a FanBoy Hi since you say this you will found hundred of guy will call you FanBoy … it’s why many time i let the hater talk and keep silence , as we have nothing to discuss with this kind of Troll ….
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    Why All The Restrictions

    hi , why if you hate so much Apple did you buy Apple device, the market is free, why not buy the one you think is more suitable for you …. as in your eyes when we like Apple products we are fan boy By the way if you know a brand have products never have any problem you are welcome to disclose...
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    What's up?

    I am pretty sure you will can in the coming future you will be able to JB and can do everything you want ….
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    Hi, from makassar, indonesia

    Welcome here from Singapore
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    What's up?

    So i respect your opinion , but maybe think two time before … do you have better knowledge than the hundreds of software engineer work for Apple and made your OS ??? , are you really sure you will know exactly every effects can have your manipulation in your firmware ?? or you over estimate your...
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    What's up?

    Hello , i guess you are in SG, as i am user from the day one of the iPad in the world … i din’t see any reason for JB in 4.2.1 maybe in 3.2.1 you can JB for multitasking but yet is more hassle than advantage PS: this is my opinion after JB several iOs device from Nov 2007
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    Using 3G iPad in China on China Unicom

    Hi maybe you confuse here and Taobao, is not a market place, don’t confuse the mind of the people here with your products , everything is already enough complicated in China , we do not need more with people try to win some money with their system or services China Unicom Network setting...
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    Case with Notepad

    iPad Business cover Hi i am sure you see in our website our business cover ?? the size is US format so no need to worry about refill … in addition have a pocket for store your paper and place for credit card or business card :) (i guess you know the link of my website)
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    A joke named "Multitasking" in 4.2.1

    Guy’s no need to reply at this bashing…. he can go to exchange or ask refund … so many million people happy how one can talk like this right ??? maybe is women refuse some game yesterday night so this morning it’s Apple is ennemy
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    Using 3G iPad in China on China Unicom

    Hi i only talk about prepaid Sim Card, as for my iPad i don’t need at all data plan … as a P-P Card is enough for my use in China of my iPad … for my mobile totally different
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    Finally a ipad mount for my car!

    Hi ray … 100 US$ for a stuff many competitor propose around 30 US$ , excuse me to told you is what i will call really expensive don’t forgot is almost 25% of the price of the device … witch next year we will have a new model and surely new design Sorry to destroy your dream to become...
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    Finally a ipad mount for my car!

    Ray … nice mockup i guess that would not be cheap … NB: here is not a market place for you promote your creation :) even it’s good but expensive stuff
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    Using 3G iPad in China on China Unicom

    Hello, what the guy told you is not true at all, according to my chinese wife your card is valid until have credit inside and at least you can refill for 300 , 600 or 1200 RMB …. from the day one of the ipad3G i have a 1200 RMB in my 3G and yet no clean the credit …. Important point …...
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    Reading in bed - Needing a Stand

    i can’t disclose yet , but soon we will have a better bed reading pillow
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    Convert any text to epub for Apples iBooks app!

    Calibre is nearly perfect, but is mainly based on the file you have … I use it a lot for convert all the good book i grab over the web … so after i enjoy to read clean book in my ipad
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    Convert any text to epub for Apples iBooks app!

    Hi i understand your problem, from my side i will try first and see the result before go to a professional , but i have yet convert around 100 books in various format to ePub ( all cross ePub Checker) , so i start to have knowledge how to turn around some problems : like when you have TXT file...
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    Convert any text to epub for Apples iBooks app!

    Yep , poor of us we are on Mac and we only have Sigil , witch is not bad but far from perfect …..
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    Convert any text to epub for Apples iBooks app!

    Hi , i understand you are trying to save some cost … but is really not simple to convert your file need a certain knowledge , the fact have picture and text is not so important … is just one element have to be managed … as i say i have convert many i know how to do , but i do that only for...