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  1. SweetPoison

    Getting the iPad 2!

    Hey Guys! Getting the iPad2 next week and need some advice on how to totally erase the one I have now. Also ~ how to deal with iTunes as well. I need to set up the new one, which I can do ~ one can only hope:) but I will need to set up my old one for a friend on her itunes. Anything I...
  2. SweetPoison

    The "Anything Goes" thread

    Not me. I haven't for awhile.
  3. SweetPoison

    Dragonvale Tips & Tricks! (NO Friend Requests!)

    I have a dragon for you guys!
  4. SweetPoison

    The "Anything Goes" thread

    Yeah it does. What is that avatar, woman? Too tiny.
  5. SweetPoison

    The "Anything Goes" thread

    I wanna be year of the Dragon! I love dragons!
  6. SweetPoison

    Forum Help and Questions

    I believe we have to post your thread of themes there upon approval.
  7. SweetPoison

    SweetPoison's iPad 3 thread!

    Could you please stay on topic?
  8. SweetPoison

    Somebody help me guys

    You need to upgrade so wait for further assistance. I am going to move this thread into our Hacking Section. If you could be more aware of what section you are posting in, it would be much appreciated!
  9. SweetPoison

    Help me please

    No worries! We will close this one now, though! CLOSED
  10. SweetPoison

    My ipad has i scatch on it

    Might be a good idea. :)
  11. SweetPoison

    SweetPoison's JB Venture!

    Oh, that is funny, Brian! You are probably right!
  12. SweetPoison

    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Thread

    Too Late ~ it was reported that you are a Pirate! Now we know. Read those rules.
  13. SweetPoison

    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Thread

    Excuse me? I will tell you the same thing. If you want to continue to post in this forum, DON'T BE A PIRATE! You steal apps from hardworking dev! This forum does not condone piracy ~ and it is illegal! Be careful ~ Read our rules!
  14. SweetPoison

    Would you go to Starbucks for Wine and Beer?

    I would. I was talking to my daughter about this last night, and apparently there are some SB that already incorporate this already. The issue will be that here in Cali, you have to be over 21 to serve alcohol. And there are a lot of under 21 year olds working...
  15. SweetPoison

    Would you go to Starbucks for Wine and Beer?

    Me too, I have to say. I always think after one of the staff is sooooooo friendly too darn early, they really are the Apple of coffee!
  16. SweetPoison

    iPad 3 releaseingon March

    I hope so too! On that note ~ we will close this thread as there are a few with regards to the same topic. CLOSED
  17. SweetPoison

    My ipad has i scatch on it

    No ~ probably not. :)
  18. SweetPoison

    Ipad jumping programs

    Please do not duplicate your threads. The other was deleted. So ~ your ipad just pops up the keyboard and starts typing all by itself?
  19. SweetPoison

    SweetPoison's JB Venture!

    I just updated quite a bit in Cydia and I was noticing on top it tells you all the blobs we have ~ and it tells me I have 5.0.1 saved, but I never upgraded to 5.0.1 yet. Am I missing something?
  20. SweetPoison

    My ipad has i scatch on it

    We used to put toothpaste our hickys. :) Didn't do a damn thing.
  21. SweetPoison

    Would you go to Starbucks for Wine and Beer?

    I have one of those! They have this new glass out that is very cool that my daughter just brought home. It is clear with the logo engraved on it.
  22. SweetPoison

    Would you go to Starbucks for Wine and Beer?

    My daughter works for SB. Be nice!
  23. SweetPoison

    Don't read other iPad forums. Stick with iPF

    Excellent post, Randy!
  24. SweetPoison

    Adobe flash player substitute See if anything here helps ^
  25. SweetPoison

    I luv iPad!!

    I love mine too!
  26. SweetPoison

    Don't JB if plan on using DirecTV app

    WHAT? You aren't? Randy Randy Randy. We are the only iPad forum. :)
  27. SweetPoison

    Jailbreak ipad2 4.3.5 ?!

    On that note ~ asked and answered more than once. CLOSED.
  28. SweetPoison

    Jailbreak ipad2 4.3.5 ?!

    Knock yourself out, then. You were just give the best advice you are going to get. :)
  29. SweetPoison

    How long have u been on ipad forum?

    Oh, just play along! June it will be 2 years for me too!
  30. SweetPoison

    What's the last movie you saw?

    Both up for academy awards!
  31. SweetPoison

    Would you go to Starbucks for Wine and Beer?

    Apparently, before the end of the year, a few stores down in LA will experiment with serving wine and beer! Thoughts?
  32. SweetPoison

    My ipad has i scatch on it

    You are not gonna use the whole tube, babe. Just a little dab on the scratch. Then wipe it off.
  33. SweetPoison

    What does [OP] after user name mean?

    It means that is the person who started the thread = Original Poster. :)
  34. SweetPoison

    Question about BLOBS

    You are most welcome! even though I didn't do it :)
  35. SweetPoison

    Cydia Question

    Don't be a pirate! Shame on you Mike! No help here! Read the rules! We don't condone Pirates and it is illegal! CLOSED
  36. SweetPoison

    Water Proof iPad case or Liquipel

    Liquipel | Waterproof Your Cell Phone, No Case Required! We have some members that have used it at iPhones site! Good luck! Oh ~ you can use Google too ~ we have our very own search button. :)
  37. SweetPoison

    Any good paid ipad apps

    favorite apps? - Google Search Try here ^ Please use the search button. Another Moderator told you the same and closed your similar thread. CLOSED.
  38. SweetPoison

    My ipad has i scatch on it

    aww.... Well ~ don't let children play with them anymore! lol! I have had my iPad almost two years and not one scratch. It really is pretty difficult to scratch gorilla glass. What do you suppose it was scratched with ~ because our fingers just can't do it. Have you tried cleaning the...
  39. SweetPoison

    The Football thread

    We lost. Oh so sad!