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  1. Mickey330

    Missing my shortcut icon/button

    I'm pretty sure you're talking about the Assistive Touch button. You probably turned it off ... somehow. To turn it [back] on, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch and turn the function on (the button turns green). Hopefully, it'll then appear and you can [re]program it...
  2. Mickey330

    Calendar to Word File

    Well, I don't know about text files or a table, but the CalPrint app (CalPrint by EuroSmartz Ltd will allow you to print your calendar. It also can create a PDF of your calendar. I don't use it (I got it for my brother, who wanted to print his iDevice calendar)...
  3. Mickey330

    Playing with Playgrounds

    Thanks for this! I like it and am going to start the course. I may not comment here all the time - but I am sure grateful that you are finding all this neat programming stuff. Gives me some fun "brain" time. Thanks! Marilyn
  4. Mickey330

    Airport Base Stations (Extreme, Express, Time Capsule) and more . . .

    Oops, my apologies! I had/was using/talking about an AirPort Extreme. My bad I was talking from memory, cause the thing is stuck in the closet. My words still apply cause it didn't work for me. I do, however, wish I'd had Kevin's experience, cause I liked the idea of the Extreme (with the Time...
  5. Mickey330

    Airport Base Stations (Extreme, Express, Time Capsule) and more . . .

    At the risk of sounding like a curmudgeon, may I recommend you NOT get any Apple base stations. I got an Airport Express about a year ago because I wanted to immerse myself in Apple gear - as I figured an Apple WiFi router would work great with my Mac Mini, AppleTV4 and various iDevices. I...
  6. Mickey330

    New mac guy here...

    Hi, and welcome. It's good to "see" you and I hope you enjoy your time here. The iPad was my first Apple device, so I understand how weird and fun a time you're having/will have. [emoji4] Just know we're here to chat, help, commiserate, etc. There's an entire forum on jailbreaking, so I'll...
  7. Mickey330

    Playing with Playgrounds

    You are going to drag me back into programming, I know it! I'm already halfway through Lesson 2 of playgrounds (is funny to see creature (?) spin 3 times just to turn right) and now I've downloaded all of Apple's books on using and programming with Swift. So much for just playing mindless...
  8. Mickey330

    Playing with Playgrounds

    Thanks for the reminder! I was very intrigued when I saw this app demonstrated in one of the keynotes, but I had forgotten about it. I've now downloaded it and am gonna play with it. Since you're ahead of me - I may end up taking you up on your offer of assistance. Been a long time since I've...
  9. Mickey330

    iOS 10 Features

    Press and hold any link in Safari and you'll get an option to open the link in Split View: I'm using the 12.7" iPad Pro... Marilyn
  10. Mickey330

    iOS 7+ apps on iOS 5.1.1?

    Unfortunately, you won't find such a tweak because none exists. The only thing you can do is hope that an app developer allows you to download an older version of an app (this while you're at the AppStore and trying to get the latest apps). It's one of the "handicaps" and trade-offs of staying...
  11. Mickey330

    Hey there! iPad Pro Artist Here!

    Welcome to the forum, @zilchfox. Hope you enjoy your visit(s) here. Your avatar is great; you've got some awesome skills, there. Very cute. "See" you around... Marilyn
  12. Mickey330

    Offline Service Netflix

    @Weezer: while I do appreciate you trying to help the OP, we cannot, in good conscience, allow a reference or a link to a program that records streaming movies. It is a service that allows someone to violate copyright laws and user agreements for streaming. This forum will not condone or...
  13. Mickey330

    Photo's Showing Blank Squares - No Pictures

    Again - is there any way for you to upload a screenshot of these blank squares? And are you looking at your e-mail (using the stock Mail app, the blue icon with the white envelope) when you see the squares? Is this the only place you see these squares? Thanks. Marilyn
  14. Mickey330

    Photo's Showing Blank Squares - No Pictures

    Hi, Josh, and welcome to the forum. Pardon me while I jump in here to ask a few more questions (and ask a favor). What app are you in when you see these funny icons - the default Mail app? Cause I'm thinking what might be happening is that your iPad is not fully downloading these photos, so...
  15. Mickey330

    Ghost Apps

    Hello and welcome to the forum. It's good to "see' you and I hope you enjoy your visit(s). If you want those "ghosts" gone, tap on the icon (in the "Manage Storage" area). You should be taken to a new page that has the word/button titled "Edit" in the top right. Tap that Edit button and you...
  16. Mickey330

    Some 9.7-inch iPad Pros Are Being Bricked by iOS 9.3.2

    Yes. Apple re-released iOS 9.3.2 for the 9.7" iPad Pro. You can either upgrade over-the-air on your iPad or upgrade using iTunes. I've not heard any negatives for the improved version. Marilyn
  17. Mickey330

    Old and mildly excited.

    Congratulations on getting an iPhone! I got my first one back in 2011. The ipad was my introduction (read: gateway drug! [emoji4]) to Apple and I am still tickled pink to have an iPhone. Imagine, carrying around what is, essentially, a full-size computer, in your pocket! I, too, use apps for...
  18. Mickey330

    My main gmail account has disappeared

    To prevent having e-mail addresses bandied about in this public forum, please check your private messages. Ive sent you one. Thanks. Marilyn
  19. Mickey330

    My main gmail account has disappeared

    Hi and welcome to the forum. It's good to "see" you and I hope you enjoy your time here. Now, about your issue. Can you take a screenshot of the mail accounts you have on your iPad 2? To get there, go to your Settings app (the gear icon on your iPad's Home page) and click on the line titled...
  20. Mickey330

    Best apps for toddlers?

    I like your thoughts, Dave. [emoji4] First, welcome to the forum, SSW! It's good to see you and I hope you enjoy your visit(s) here. If you are looking for apps for toddlers, may I suggest you start a thread in the General section (or games section) of this forum to ask for other member...
  21. Mickey330

    What are you reading now?

    I am re-reading Lines of Departure by Marko Kloos. It is the second book in Kloos' Frontlines series. There are four books with the 4th being just released. There are also two novellas that go along with the books that fleshes out some characters or adds more to the fictional universe. As it's...
  22. Mickey330

    Getting clips out of iMovie

    I am glad that our resident guru, twerppoet, was able to help you. Yay! I'm just posting to tell you I've moved this thread to the General iPad forum. You had it over in the jailbreak area, which is a whole 'nother thing. Oh, and welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy your visit(s). Marilyn
  23. Mickey330

    Master iPad Pro Accessories Thread

    So, my flighty, gadget/widget-addicted self went and got one of those pencil cases Andy posted about: And I like it, I really like it! I holds the pencil WITH the Cozy attached. In the little pocket I have the spare pencil tip and a clip I found that I use to hold the pencil on the iPad...
  24. Mickey330

    Master iPad Pro Accessories Thread

    Well, yeah, I do - and I like it. But - I have to (1) take the cap off to fit it in (because I have the Cozy on it) and (2) it's still a bit of a tight fit, again because of the cozy. I like this case you recommended better, so I did order one. So, I'll just put the chopsticks in the case and...
  25. Mickey330

    Master iPad Pro Accessories Thread

    Guess what's going to be added to MY Amazon cart! :) I think I should unsubscribe from this thread! Gets expensive to open it up and see all the neat things I "have to have"! :cool: Still. Thanks for the tip, Andy. Now I just got to figure out the pattern... Marilyn
  26. Mickey330

    What's the last movie you saw?

    And it was AWESOME! Can't recommend it enough.
  27. Mickey330

    Skitch replacement: Annotable

    I got the app before you mentioned it - and I agree with every point. I'm really liking it myself and will be using it a lot. Thanks for the review. Marilyn
  28. Mickey330

    Master iPad Pro Accessories Thread

    Glad you like it, Andy! I'm telling you, I don't know if I can ever go back to holding an iPad in my lap. This stand is so convenient - and light enough to pick up and carry from seat to seat in my living room. And yeah, when I first put in my iPad (every morning, after charging), I do have to...
  29. Mickey330

    Master iPad Pro Accessories Thread

    So, I think I've found the perfect case for my pencil - a chopsticks holder: The inside part slides up/out and the pencil fits in perfectly. I'm sure it would rattle, but given that I have the Cozy tether piece on it, it doesn't rattle. I have put a piece of a cotton ball on the bottom to...
  30. Mickey330

    Screen freezing and Spell check questions, any help?

    Sorry, but this is an iPad forum. As in, here there be iPads. May I suggest you visit our sister site (another Forum Foundry's forum), With that, this thread is closed. Marilyn
  31. Mickey330

    Master iPad Pro Accessories Thread

    I think you're going to like it! I'm so spoiled by this stand (as is my cat, cause now he can sit in my lap). It now feels weird when I hold the iPP in my lap. [emoji4] I don't have/use a recliner and I curl up in a chair or on the couch, so I never thought about the arm reach. I can have the...
  32. Mickey330

    Master iPad Pro Accessories Thread

    I don't think the base is any different than the one I have. On Amazon's page for that deluxe stand ( LEVO Deluxe iPad Floor Stand for all Best Tablet PCs, iPads, iPad Mini, New iPad Pro, Galaxy, Nexus, Xoom, Surface Pro, Miix, Nook, Fire, and Other Tablets and e Readers Gunmetal...
  33. Mickey330

    9.3 & Pencil

    Maybe it's 9.3.1, but I've noticed that my pencil automatically starts working with the iPad. In fact, when I touch/pick up the pencil after it's been sitting after a long while (say, over night), I can see the Bluetooth icon flash a bit before I even put it to the screen. And the pencil works...
  34. Mickey330

    iPhone Question

    Hi, KatiaEm. I think your best bet for finding games for the iPhone would be to visit our iPhone-specific forum: Apple iPhone Forum There, you will find lots of topics on the iPhone, to include games, free or otherwise. Marilyn
  35. Mickey330

    IPAD 2 Is Asking For A Passcode I Don't Have

    Hi, Patten; welcome to the forum. I have deleted your duplicate post, so you're all good there. Since you have a back-up, why don't you try to restore your iPad using the steps outlined here: If you can't update or restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support This method is not...
  36. Mickey330

    Master iPad Pro Accessories Thread

    So, my doctor was yelling at me. My normal method of using all my iPads is to sit curled up on the couch or chair with the iPad in my lap. My head was always tilted down to look at the iPad, which was putting strain on my neck and affecting my back and posture. So, the doctor told me that I've...
  37. Mickey330

    Tapatalk not displaying correctly

    Just to update: Tapatalk's latest version (version 5.6.1, updated today) has fixed this issue. The view on my iPad Pro is now fine - so I'm hoping it is now fine for you. Sometimes, it DOES help to notify the developer! :) Marilyn
  38. Mickey330

    9.3 & Pencil

    I don't think it's broken. My pencil works the same way - sometimes it works right off the bat and sometimes I have to connect it to the Pro to get it to work. So, since it's not hard to do, I just think nothing of it. I also don't use my pencil on a regular/daily basis. So maybe that has...
  39. Mickey330

    Today is my 6th year with iPad forums.

    I think it's from the latest Tapatalk update and shows that a person is online. At least - that's my guess. Looks like this: Marilyn
  40. Mickey330

    Master iPad Pro Accessories Thread

    I just got my Cozy set Friday and they work a treat! Now, I have no more worries about losing on of the two little bitty pieces (or my cats playing with them). Andy, I can't give another "like" to your post about these, so please have a "thank you so much for this product recommendation!"...