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    Screen protector or no?

    I have a Zagg on my iPad 2. My 3rd gen iPad has a back shell, smart cover and Applecare + in case something happens to the screen.
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    Which iPad 16 32 or 64

    I think you're smart to go with the 64. I don't know if most people realize that the 32 gig really only has ~29gig usable (3 gigs used by the OS and system apps) the 64 has ~57 usable. One of my reasons for going to the new iPad was I wanted the 64g, my iPad2 32g was getting filled and I didn't...
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    Smart covers?

    I got my black vinyl smart cover from eBay today. Works like it should on my iPad3. Quick shipping. I am pleased.
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    Is the iPad 3 Camera Active all the time,? or only when being used.

    "Can the people on TV see me or am I just paranoid?"
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    Smart covers?

    Does anyone know if the sleep/wake function works with this cover for the new iPad? I don't see it mentioned in the discription and it has no reviews yet (except my question).
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    Argh I'm getting antsy!

    You had a whole forum full of people about to turn blue. We can breath again. Now tell us if it's what it was supposed to be and what you think.
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    Argh I'm getting antsy!

    Argh I'm getting antsy waiting for your iPad to arrive. I think you should have gotten the 64 in the store. I really love my 64. I would have gotten a 128 if I could have. My 32 iPad2 was getting filled and I'm not very good at deleting stuff I don't need. Good luck. Keep us up to date
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    The "new" iPad getting hot. Possible Issue?

    My black 64 GB Verizon LTE engraved also gets noticeably hot on the left side and bottom. Top and other side are much cooler. It's not unbearable I just hope it's normal. My 2 didn't get warm.
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    16gb or 32gb?

    Would you have less of a "moral problem" paying $200 for 48GB of memory? If so, get the 64GB. Remember the 16GB is really 14GB usable, the 32GB is really 29GB usable. Not sure about the 64GB.
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    How many of you own/use a stylus pen on your ipad/ipad2?

    I bought a cheap stylus off eBay, received it today. It's supposed to work with ipad but it dosen't work. I have the Zagg screen protector and I'm thinking that might keep it from working? I tried a paper clip and that doesn't work either. Could the screen protector be keeping the ipad2 from...
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    have my ipad2!!!

    Congrats, I also have the 32 white. This is actually my first Apple experience and now I know what the big deal was. I waited in line on 3-11 and could have gotten any iPad 2 I wanted. But I knew I wanted white and I have no regrets. I don't notice fingerprints on the bezael and anyone who sees...
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    The New York Yankees HATE iPads.

    Good for you. I have 2 favorite teams. The Red Sox and anybody who beats the yankees. LOL.:)
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    Why WHITE?

    I stood in line on 3-11 and could have gotten any one I wanted. So, I got a white 16gb wifi. Two weeks later I exchanged it for a 32gb 3g also white. I really like the look and everyone knows it's an iPad 2.
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    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    PS3 USB Wireless keyboard I don't know if anyone mentioned this but I have a Logitech wireless usb keyboard I bought for my PS3. I got it at Walmart on clearance a couple years ago when they were pushing bluetooth. If you have the camera connection kit you plug the keyboard's usb dongle into...
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    will 16gb be enough for me?

    I'm surprised no one mentioned that 16gb is not 16gb. Two gigs are taken up by the OS and included (nondeletable) software. So, 16gb is really 14 before you start. I waited in line and could have gotten any iPad 2 I wanted but I got a 16. I returned it 2 weeks later when I found, luckily, a 32...
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    Radioshack Condition Madness

    If you need a $3.00 cable that Radio Shack sells for $20.00 you politely pay the $20 order the cable from Amazon or Newegg. When the cable arrives in the mail you return the cable to "The Shack". Save your receipt, pay cash. I've done it before.
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    Predication on the end of the supply crunch

    Buy the iPad 1 and exchange it for the 2 when they get it in. You can transfer everything (photos, apps, data plan, etc.) Just make sure the return policy of the store you use jives with what you're going to do. You don't want to pay a restocking fee.
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    How many are jumping ship? I am Weary of the hunt for ipad2 going to Xoom Sunday

    I got a 16gb on 3-11, got in line at 4:20pm. Played with it for 2 weeks. Decided I needed more space and might as well get 3G. So I returned it on Thursday and got this 32gb Verizon. Both white which was all they had, I kinda like the white now. I might return this when supply eases up and get a...
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    Verizon iPad 2 3G Connectivity Bug

    Okay, this doesn't sound like much of a problem. I am really lovin this thing. It probably won't be long before I activate the Verizon just to try it.
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    Verizon iPad 2 3G Connectivity Bug

    I power off with the Cellular Data switch in the off position. After I turn it back on I go into settings, switch the Cellular Data switch back on I get "No Service" in the upper right corner when I power back up. Remember, I still haven't set up an account for Verizon yet.
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    Verizon iPad 2 3G Connectivity Bug

    For me: 1. Turn the Cellular Data switch ON. 2. Power off iPad. 3. Power up the iPad. 4. (Turn on Cellular Data.) Data switch is already on. 5. The Verizon service turns on and connects properly. FWIW,This is my first iPad. Except for a 1st generation iPod this is my first Apple product.
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    Verizon iPad 2 3G Connectivity Bug

    I have a 32gb Verizon white. I shut off the cellular Data switch because I kept getting the notice to sign on with Verizon. I got the iPad 2 with the Verizon 3G just to have when I may need it. After reading the op's post I tried to turn on the data switch and it wouldn't come on. I followed the...