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    Wireless Bluetooth headsets with the Ipad?

    Jawbone Era (and Icon) work like a dream. Interesting enough, that it can connect simultaneous with the iPhone (yes both at the same time), so you could use it for Skype/Viper on the iPad and have the iPhone standby at the same time. The Noise-Assassin technology is by far the best I have...
  2. K

    Have you pre ordered your Ipad 2?

    Although I live in Germany and therefor have to wait until the 25th, I already placed a pre-order with my local Apple shop. In addition a friend of mine is working in the IT department of the local university and he is trying to get one for me through his Ed-Shop.
  3. K

    INVINCIBLE iPHONE 4! Fastmac Impact Gel | MacWorld 2011

    That was my first thought too, when I saw the video..... But anyways, it is a good product to have closer look.
  4. K

    Plan on getting a Zagg Invisibleshield for your iPad?

    I have now the third device covered with ZAGG shield and it's perfect. No 'rainbow' or bubbles, etc. Besides of that, you have a lifetime warranty anyways. Get in touch with support and you get a replacement.
  5. K

    What does an icon mean????

    This is the symbol for the disabled rotation-sensor (the little switch on the right hand side, close to your power-button). Has nothing to do with your other issue....
  6. K

    iPad Causes Ruckus in German Parliament

    It is just another poor example, how German government thinks and ruins the democracy and freedom in our beloved German nation.
  7. K

    International travel with the ipad

    no need for a power converter. All Apple power supplies are multivoltage. Just order the "Travel-Adapter Pack" from Apple......or if you want it cheap, then just get the Braun-Cable....
  8. K

    Wireless Bluetooth headsets with the Ipad?

    Try Jabra Clipper. Works well with iPhone and iPad. And the real benefit is it's battery lifetime and that you can connect any headset with it.
  9. K

    What are the features in OS 4.0

    YES! And if you want to know more, please click here
  10. K

    Mobile terminal won't open.

    It's stated in Cydia, that it won't work on the iPad, 'cause of some significant differences in hardware between iPhone and iPad.
  11. K

    Plan on getting a Zagg Invisibleshield for your iPad?

    Here are the instructions. Read them carefully before you apply the skin.
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    Batteries-how long to charge

    IPad, iPhone and iPods have smart charging ability. This means that you don't have to watch the charging process at all! Nevertheless Apple recommends to charge the device at 100% the first time, discharge it until it shuts down (so the battery "learns" the two stati) and then charge it back to...
  13. K

    Plan on getting a Zagg Invisibleshield for your iPad?

    RTFM error! Please read the instructions more carefully! It clearly is written in the instructions, that even IF there is not enough fluid in the bottle, just fill it up with plain water. The chemical inside will be enough for applying the product.
  14. K


    found it last week in Cydia.....just had the time now to give it a try. It costs $5 but works like a dream. Just install the Cydia app, download the desktop piece and take both devices (yes, iPhone, iPod Touch as well) on the same wireless network and start the iPad app. Now start iTunes...
  15. K

    I'm Here

    Welcome to the crazy croud
  16. K

    3G Data Usage - After A Month of Experience

    I have my 3G now a little over a week and I used about 250MB on 3G, which brings my to my plan (1GB/month for €9.90). But so far I just downloaded a few songs, music videos and the usual stuff like email and surfing the web.
  17. K

    Magician uses iPad for performance

    Shinya - the magician Fantastic !!!
  18. K


    No, haven't seen any. Even in Europe you have to get different apps for magazines.
  19. K

    Installed the sim card?

    If it's booked into the network, it should automatically hook up to 3G, when you leave the wifi coverage.
  20. K

    Plan on getting a Zagg Invisibleshield for your iPad?

    Send an email to ZAGG and show them the replacement information. Maybe the send you a replacment for free because of "warrenty". I would give it a try.
  21. K

    Can't Jailbreak Ipad 3gs - Spirit and Blackrain not Working

    I found out, that if you not use actual hardware with the up to date OS, then there is a good chance that Spirit fails and bricks your iPad. I found that out yesterday, when my friend used an older white Intel iMac and bricked his iPad. After trying with a G4 MacMini we got the same result...
  22. K

    ABC Player (Entertainment)

    That is actually more difficult and expensive. First you need an UK TV licence (£145), which you can obtain at the BBC website (but you will need an UK address) and second a VPN to the UK (you can use the same link as above).
  23. K

    ABC Player (Entertainment)

    And if you want to watch ABC, Netflix and others outside of US, then follow these instructions
  24. K

    ABC app is pretty cool....

    If you want ABC outside the US then follow theses instructions
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    welcome from Europe
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    iBook unstable with too many books loaded

    3,700 books ..... how the heck to you manage those...... I did already send a feature request to Apple to enhance the "Bookshelf" with folders, so I can have a "kids" folder, "business" and so on. But 3,700 books sound will never be able to read them. Try to use the very helpful...
  27. K

    Post a picture of yourself/Tell us about yourself

    Business Consultant working in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK, UAE 47 years old, married, two kids, Apple-Fanboy, iPhone-/iPad-nerd
  28. K

    Ha, ha

  29. K

    iPad-Owner-Get-Together in Bonn, Germany on the 28th

    Already a small croud of iPad owners will meet this Friday for a launchday get-together at "Starbucks", Münsterplatz, Bonn, Germany. We start 3pm and enjoy a chat about apps, accessories, etc. --------------------- Mittlerweile sind wir schon zu viert....... .....wir wollen uns am...
  30. K

    Question about the Dot on the iPad

    YES, it's the ambient light sensor. BUT, there is actually a hole in the frame, where a MacBook-camera would fit. But, the question is, will it be supported and where will it actually connect to.....probably never in the iPad 1st gen.
  31. K

    Apps for people in IT

    Great thread, spot on!!!!!
  32. K

    iPad Can run flash with 22,5 hours autonomy

    But still easier than the big 1,000" cable box for power
  33. K

    Best Remote Desktop App

    Desktop Connect works pretty well on 3G. I was pretty much busy with the same question over the last week or so and finally made my decision towards Desktop Connect. Why? Because it got excellent reviews and I didn't see a significant benefit for Teleport or LogMeIn....
  34. K

    iPad Nano

    ....or how to turn your iPhone into an iPad Nano: First, you need to have a jailbroken iPhone. The you download the following apps from Cydia: Winterboard, Simple iPad Theme, MakeItMine, Shrink and ProSwitcher. With MakeItMine you can change the carrier logo from any to "iPad"...
  35. K

    Big WiFi performance improvement

    I turned Autobrightness off anyways, as my sensor is blocked/covered by my leather case....
  36. K

    Anyone sold their iPad to upgrade to a different model ?

    Similar situation wife will get my 32 Wifi, as I have just ordered a 64 3G for my self. But I'm afraid, that we will sell the 32Wifi for the sake of another 3G....
  37. K

    iPad Steering Wheel Mount Product Demonstration

    is this guy completely nuts? In Germany they would turn him in for mental health check.....
  38. K

    iPad has room for a camera

    According to our friends from MissionRepair, the iSight-Camera from the MacBook fits into a hole at the iPads frame. Wonder how fast they can actually make it work....
  39. K

    Hi from Masschusetts

    Welcome.......another gadget geek.......I love it!
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    Howdy from Germany....