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  1. J

    What 3rd party accesories have you connected to ipad? Bluetooth, usb, wireless etc

    Im curious about the last question too. I have a couple high end logitech bluetooth keyboards that ive been dying to try with my ipad 2, also an a2dp motorola bluetooth headphones that also take calls, hoping they will work with skype and just plain music. I travel a lot and havent been home to...
  2. J

    Am I The Only 1 Not Upgrading ?

    Once the rumors were confirmed, I went with the iPad 2. 4g sucks in most areas, and most of the other improvements were for gaming. Yep my other apps would be "prettier"...but I have a desktop for gaming. Now that the iPad 3 is out, I scooped this near mint iPad 2.(16gb3g) on cl for 250...
  3. J

    iPad as screen for PS3

    ipad for ps3 screen Has anyone tried this? I'm interestedin the same outcome. I'm a trucker with my dad and i want to replace my 24" led tv with "the new iPad" for a better mobile solution.
  4. J

    External keyboard recommendations?

    I've said it before I'll say it again: Zaggmate for iPad2 comes out April 8th..I cant wait :)
  5. J

    Bes iPad Word Processor?

    Zaggmate makes a real nice case/bluetooth kb combo for the ipad 1. They're scheduled to release it for the iPad 2 on April 8th. I can't wait!
  6. J

    Jailbreak WILL NOT WORK ON IPAD2 at the moment

    I cant wait for Cydia iPad 2 release. Should be soon..
  7. J

    New "owner"..still waiting

    Amg yay THanks for your reply. Apparently I made my post 12 hours to soon as I woke up today to best buy calling me and telling me it was in yayyyy
  8. J

    Best one-handed case?

    :) iPad accessories, OtterBox Utility Series Latch for iPad //
  9. J

    Newbie...Jailbreak....iPad 2

    It IS jailbroken. Comex did it, remotely, like 2 or 3 days after the release. We're just waiting for him to officially release it. edit: don't ever pay for a jailbreak it's a scam, that's covered in another post as well.
  10. J

    New "owner"..still waiting

    Hey all I just made an account. I've been waiting for my ipad2 (16gb wifi only) to come into best buy for about a week and im getting ansy. Looking forward to jailbreaking and seeing what this thing can do. As an I.T. professional for windows networks this is my first real idevice. Looking...