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  1. Diesel

    Are You Using Your IPad 2 More After iOS 7 Update?

    I've got two iPads, one with IOS 7 and one IOS 6. The one with IOS 7 collects dust. I was going to upgrade to an ipad 4/5 and 5S phone but instead, I'm going to make do with the pad using IOS 6 and buy a Galaxy S4.
  2. Diesel

    iOS 7 on iPad 2

    I've got two iPad 2s, one with IOS 6 and the other with IOS 7. The IOS 7 does seem to speed things up a little but it's not enough to sell me on it. I'm more than content using my iPad with IOS 6. I'm going to work on my iPhone IOS 7 problems today, I think a Galaxy S4 should do the trick.
  3. Diesel

    iOS 7 on iPad 2

    Cool, our son hasn't updated his old iPad 2! So I'm officially claiming for my self!
  4. Diesel

    iOS 7

    I absolutely hate the new icons, I'm a 40 year old adult, not a 5th grader! I can't stand the contact section as well as some other things. So I'm going to check out an Android phone tomorrow. I may even pick up a new tablet. I'll go ballistic if they try and pass the same crud off on my MacBook...
  5. Diesel

    iOS 7 on iPad 2

    Is there away you can remove the icon/links at the upper left hand corner (ESPN, Disney, Yahoo)?
  6. Diesel

    Reading books on Itv using Ipad?

    Sorry, yes, I meant Apple TV. How does mirroring work? do you just log on to your account through the Apple TV and gain access that way? Thx
  7. Diesel

    Reading books on Itv using Ipad?

    Is it possible to access our kindle app on the Itv via our IPads?
  8. Diesel

    Battey life, charging and other related stuff

    We have used our IPads plugged in with zero problems. As for extending the battery life, I wouldn't completely deplete the battery and leave it sitting for any length of time. My rule is try and plug it in no lower than 10% but most of the time I recharge at 20%. As for cords, I'm not sure to be...
  9. Diesel

    App Crashing

    I'm having issues posting on forums with the new update. Used to before the upgrade I could write a book but now I'm lucky to write a few lines to a paragraph before it shuts down and returns the app page.
  10. Diesel

    Can you help me decide original ipad or kindle?

    How about an iPad with a Kindle app?
  11. Diesel

    Twitter and ipad issue

    Nvm, It seems twitter has a limit on accounts and I've reached this limit. It will only increase once I get more followers or something of the sort.
  12. Diesel

    Twitter and ipad issue

    My iPad doesn't allow me to follow anymore people than I'm already following. If someone follows me, it's okay with that but the issue is when I click to return follow that person. I click follow on that person and everything looks good but when I reopen my profile, it shops me not following...
  13. Diesel

    Questions on Cartoon Network App

    The way I read it was they verified you had service with a cable company and thus already paying. But when I created an email with AT&T ( we actually have cable through AT&T), all it appeared to do was just verified I had an email with one of the listed providers? It didn't ask for any AT&T...
  14. Diesel

    Questions on Cartoon Network App

    I was able to finally log on using an account through AT&T but nothing works. Every video says authication error. Oh well.
  15. Diesel

    Questions on Cartoon Network App

    Anyone have this app and understand how it works? Does this app work and can you view full episodes using 3/4G wireless or do you have to be at home using wifi? And does this cost you anything? Thanks.
  16. Diesel

    hi, just bought new ipad2 ~ talk me into keeping it

    Do you have sattlite cable like DirectTV or regular cable. My inlaws have a remote ranch up in Arkansas and they access the net through DirectTV or some form of Sattelite. It actually works pretty good exceptbduring storms or bad weather.
  17. Diesel

    hi, just bought new ipad2 ~ talk me into keeping it

    It's really simple, If you can live without Flash, stick with the Apple, if you can't stick with the other tablets and the issues that are associated with Flash.
  18. Diesel

    In need of ipad apps/games

    I'm not sure about building games but here is a few you may like: Sprider-man HD N.O.V.A 2 Rainbow Six These is a couple more out there that looks good but i haven't a chance to try, Thor, Captain America, and Green Lantern. I only play games mostly during flights. So i'll probably DL a couple...
  19. Diesel

    iPad 3 or iPhone 5?

    5G phone this year and an ipad 3 next year.
  20. Diesel

    How to Watch AT&T DVR Movies on ipad?

    I was listening to a radio commercial today and it said you can access your recorded movies at home on your iPad using AT&T U-Verse. Has anyone tried this and can explain how it works? Thanks
  21. Diesel

    DVD to IPAD2 for viewing

    Heck, iTunes doesn't even list my devices anymore?? The only computer I got that even shows a device, only shows my son's old iPod that hasn't been used in over a year. I plug my iPad up and it still only shows the iPod?? This is very frustrating!
  22. Diesel

    DVD to IPAD2 for viewing

    I get a message saying this movie want play with the device or iTunes...something like that. Now iTunes isn't even showing my device...neither my iPad or our son's ipad?
  23. Diesel

    DVD to IPAD2 for viewing

    But how do you add the finish video to iTunes?
  24. Diesel

    DVD to IPAD2 for viewing

    I'm a little new to this, what's next after ripping/converting a movie using HandBreak? I'm trying to transfer a couple of DVDs to the iPad for our kid to watch during a plane flight tomorrow. anyhow, I did the encoding but not sure what's next? Thanks.
  25. Diesel

    Rainbow Six iPad

    Nice find! We need a thread for arcade/console/cool type games, Another you may want to check out is Mortal Combat 3. I think it's two bucks and plays pretty good for an iPad game.
  26. Diesel

    Smart cover user? If so what color? If not then what case do you use?

    The wife uses a black one while the son and I use Incase covers.
  27. Diesel

    Why Didn't You Jailbreak?

    My iPad 2 works just fine for me needs in stock form.
  28. Diesel

    3G or WIFI? Which of the two is working right now?

    As mentioned above, the WiFi arches should appear instead of 3G when connection to WiFi. Your IPad should also ask or mention available wifi signals first.
  29. Diesel


    Nice Stang!
  30. Diesel

    I want to hear from all you 3G ipad owners, has it been worth it?

    All of us have the wifi/3G models and it's nice. We're bouncing all over Dallas and some places offer free wifi while others don't. Since we have both wifi and 3G everything is good.
  31. Diesel

    I want to hear from all you 3G ipad owners, has it been worth it?

    I'm glad you you got your power back and in a timely manner. I've had a lot of similar situations with the longest power outage being 20hrs. So cellular service comes in real handy for sure.
  32. Diesel

    Do you sleep with your ipad?

    Don't knock it until you've tried it ;) J/K lol My wife would throw the thing out the window....5th floor apartment if I tried sleeping with my iPad...not that I would anyways.
  33. Diesel

    I'm at a resort pool and no one is checking out my ipad?

    Hey thanks, It can't rain all the time...well unless you live in Seattle. Anyhow, I'm glad you guys are getting a little go find some mud for that Jeep :)
  34. Diesel

    I'm at a resort pool and no one is checking out my ipad?

    OIC, and blutoothers are funny lol The iPad is probably the coolest thing to come out in the last 50yrs. But if they can't let go long enough to live a little, their going to end up like the 40yr Old Virgin.
  35. Diesel

    I'm at a resort pool and no one is checking out my ipad?

    How so? Well, we're back at the pool for what is our last day :(
  36. Diesel

    I'm at a resort pool and no one is checking out my ipad?

    Haha, ya, I saw that and forgot to edited it lol
  37. Diesel


    Welcome, Pull off your shoes and make your self at home!
  38. Diesel

    I'm at a resort pool and no one is checking out my ipad?

    Yeah, I made it back to the room with my Stylus!!...take that lol
  39. Diesel

    I'm at a resort pool and no one is checking out my ipad?

    Well, I found an Apple store who was more than happy to sell me a new stylus. Anyhow, I just like having fun. Well it's starting to slowdown but here is some shots on the bar/caffe we're I'm sitting back at...I don't drink but they have cokes, a shade, and plenty of big screens :)