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    Sticky suggestion - development engines for iPad

    Hey, bigchicken Here is some interesting SDK I've got for u to take a look at Dragon Fire SDK: It's windows and C/C++ based solution. Including devices simulators as i can see. Their pricing plans start at $50 and go up to $150 p.s. not sure how good it is (didn't have chance to play with...
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    Sticky suggestion - development engines for iPad

    as for Appcelerator Titanium Their documentation says: Preparing for iOS development For iOS you will need to have a Mac running OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and an iOS developer account (the account is free, but to run on device, you will need to pay a $99/year fee for the iOS developer program)...
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    Map markers customization

    Hey folks. I want to use Apple's MapKit to make some map in application. Is there a way to use some custom icons as map markers instead of standard pin-icons on the map? Thanks UPDATE: Looks like (correct me if i'm worng) thing i need is MKAnnotationView from Apple's MapKit and its proerty image
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    Communication with Provider (remote server)

    Hey folks, I need to send requests from device to remote server on the internet. How can i communicate with remote server using iPad (or iPhone). Is there any official apple-docs on this topic? Which classes/toolkits should i use. UPDATE: Ok, after some investigation i got this...
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    Background work while app is "off"

    hey Tim, thanx for answers Seems that iOS' Push Notifications system is the one that handles Pushes from outside the device (from some external server for example) and allows to implement my idea having dishes preparation be synced with external servers. and you're right about timing...
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    Background work while app is "off"

    Is it possible to make app working at background when it's actually not activated (via tapping) by user. For example i have an app, that runs cafe. And in this cafe chief is baking some food. When user disables app (running other apps, etc) i need baking to keep going and when dish is ready...