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  1. shazain

    Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas

    Yea i guess it was the server load! It's just i was so impatient :DD Downloaded 3 hours after I posted :)
  2. shazain

    Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas

    Alright...i just bought GTA:SA and after waiting 20 mins it said cannot be download at this time! I rebooted,signed out and in and a few other things...i badly want to play this now :P exact message it displays : 'Unable to Download App' 'Grand Theft Auto San Andreas could not be installed at...
  3. shazain

    How much space does FIFA 13 need?HELP

    Okay so I just bought fifa 13 on sale but it says there is not enough space to download FIFA 13 On the App Store is says 1.48 GB I have 3.0 GB BUT STILL IT SAYS THERE IS NOT ENOUGH SPACE
  4. shazain


    Was just downloading real racing 2 HD and kept some other apps on update. When real racing started installing the other app downloaded and started installing then 3 more the same way and now all of them are stuck on installing and I can't delete them
  5. shazain

    Should i buy simcity?

    I was about to buy simcity deluxe for iPad but then I read reviews and all were saying don't buy crash and other problems does it crash on ipad2 should I buy it?
  6. shazain

    Read and help

    Thanks for the help
  7. shazain

    Read and help

    When I first bought my iPad 2 the first thing I did was started downloading apps I entered the passward once then it didn't ask me again and again Now I updated to IOS 5.1 and it asks the passward again and again on every single download Anyway to make it not ask me my apple id passward again...
  8. shazain

    Ipad 3 coming On march !!

    Retina display 5mp camera quad core processor A5X chip e.t.c
  9. shazain

    Any call of duty black ops zombies players ?

    Add me on game center shazainaziz my high score is wave 73 on kino then I got bored and killed myself
  10. shazain

    Ipad2/ Is it possible to play Farmville??

    Yes, you can there is a app for it just search FarmVille in the app store
  11. shazain

    How big is gangster rio city of saints

    Damn I got to 1.7 gb and gave up
  12. shazain

    How big is gangster rio city of saints

    After install can anybody tell me the size? By checking in settings usage
  13. shazain


    How do u do the don't ask apple id password for 15 min cause it's not happening now I think I saw it somewhere in settings! Help
  14. shazain

    Ipad 3 coming On march !!

    I just an article and it says it coming on march( not scam IGN ARTICLE ) Links aren't allowed so bye and tell weater ur buying it or not and gb colour E.T.C
  15. shazain

    Whats the best free ipad/iphone game?

    Temple run FTW
  16. shazain

    Cool ipad games?

    Yeah I know order and chaos is way too expensive I am currently running on my 3 month free trail anyhow try call of duty black ops zombies recently bought it and I am playing like crazy!
  17. shazain

    Cool ipad games?

    Hey are we brothers cause I think we think the same way and fps I found modern combat 3 mmorpg order and chaos online
  18. shazain

    Best case for ipad 2?

    I have the same thing with a applevlogo
  19. shazain

    Alike game

    Hey guys I'm looking for a game like age of empires and one like command and conquer generals (I already have red alert)
  20. shazain

    Gameloft id's

    Hey want to make a thread about people posting there gameloft id's mine is shazain123 I play mc3 , brother in arms 2 and once in a blue moon nova the original one
  21. shazain

    Modern combat 3 fallen nation help

    HOw to open this door?
  22. shazain

    Mxxxxxxxx (title edited by moderator due to piracy reference)

    Hey is there I can watch movies from these sites for FREE?
  23. shazain

    Great little war game

    This game is now free my faad and it's very good
  24. shazain

    Dragonvale Tips & Tricks! (NO Friend Requests!)

  25. shazain

    Making choices

    Hey I just got a 10$ gift card yay guys any advice btw games only ! It's driving me crazy to. Get. What any advice more than welcome!
  26. shazain

    Game stuck on 99%

    Done working perfect
  27. shazain

    Game stuck on 99%

    Thanks now it's downloading again !
  28. shazain

    Grand theft auto 3

    I just downloaded it and was a universal app and got full screen yay
  29. shazain

    Game stuck on 99%

    DO u know a fix for this (real tennis)
  30. shazain

    iCloud and message apps missing on iPad 2

    There must be restrictions on the. iPad. Happened to me on my first iPod
  31. shazain

    Grand theft auto 3

    MY cousin just got gta3 on his iPod touch 4g I asked him to give to me also by opening his apple Id but of course it's a iPod can I get the ipad version btw I haven't downloaded it yet any advice more than welcome thank you please reply ASAP
  32. shazain

    Dragonvale Tips & Tricks! (NO Friend Requests!)

    I'm the one to post the 6000th reply
  33. shazain


    So now my aim is at mc2 or gta3 anyhow is the shooting that bad? Does it like completely destroy the game? Or what cuz I think gta will last longer cuz u hav free roam
  34. shazain


    I'm very very confused to get 1- modern combat 2 2- nova 2 3- gta3 4-call of duty black ops zombies 5-battlefield bad company 2 or 6-FIFA 12
  35. shazain

    Which Game

    I got gta 3 and mordern combat 3 got extra by pleasing . Lol!
  36. shazain

    Which Game

    Which of the following should I get 1-cut the rope HD 2-fruit ninja HD 3-angry birds HD 4-angry birds season HD 5-words with friends HD
  37. shazain

    Earn free itunes promo codes apps for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

  38. shazain

    Good RPG Games?

    Brother in arms 2 is a free fps on the iPad it has a campaign and online to but you know gameloft with their free games they require in app purchase !