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  1. JezzerP


    Assuming both your iPhone and iPad use the same Apple ID, you could try looking at Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding as this should list which devices are allowed to forward messages.
  2. JezzerP

    ipad pro A1673

    OK, I can't diagnose your problem I'm afraid, but I would suggest that this would need to be looked at in an Apple Store or at a qualified Apple Partner store....somethings isn't right!!
  3. JezzerP

    Page up/down not working with PDF

    What app are you viewing the PDF in? Keyboard support will have to be programmed specifically by the app developer, and just because it works in one app, doesn't mean it will automatically work with another.
  4. JezzerP

    Slideshow in the TV app

    So, by 'slideshow' you want to play a video one after the other without having to press a button? As far as I am aware the TV app has removed the autoplay next episode functionality. Some of the 3rd party apps that can connect to the TV app may have this feature, but I don't think it is there...
  5. JezzerP

    IPad Screen Forzen

    Have you completely powered down the device by holding the power button down until the 'slide to power off' notice is displayed?
  6. JezzerP

    Math Riddle

    Pi ?
  7. JezzerP

    iPad & hulu

    1) yes, you will need to use a VPN service to get access to streaming services not available in the country you are residing in. 2) yes, you can change your App store region to gain access to apps not available in your country, but please bare in mind that certain apps may not actually work...
  8. JezzerP

    How to Save to iPad Only

    Do you know what it is that is getting saved to iCloud? Is it images? Documents?
  9. JezzerP

    Video pop ups

    I'm not actually sure if this is possible in iOS. I have checked Safari, Firefox and Chrome browser settings and can't find anything that turns off video autoplay!
  10. JezzerP

    Disappearing attachments

    OK, are you using the stock Apple Mail app? What do you mean by "it disappears" ?
  11. JezzerP

    Cannot Facetime with my Wife.

    As J.A. suggests, you need separate Apple IDs to be able to FaceTime each other.
  12. JezzerP

    Hi! I'm a new member

    Welcome to the forums Claudia :) Are your photos still on the device?
  13. JezzerP

    Block Redirects

    OK, a little confused as to what is happening I'm afraid. You have a website you visit regularly, but now it has suddenly started redirecting you to a different site? It's not a pop-up or a pop-under, and I assume this is new behaviour? And you don't think this is happening to anyone else you...
  14. JezzerP

    Accessing Shared Folders on PC from iPad and iPhone

    Thanks for sharing here too ;)
  15. JezzerP

    Can't search PDF's in iBooks and Adobe Reader

    Thanks for updating us and sharing your find :)
  16. JezzerP

    IPAD Sent file = 1000??

    Is this in the native iOS Mail app? A couple of screenshots showing exactly what you mean would probably help someone get to the bottom of this.
  17. JezzerP

    is 10.5 pro a good purchase in 2018?

    If longlevity of the device is a concern and cost is not a make or break issue then buy the latest model. As others have said you will get used to the latest tech such as Face ID. I never find it's a good idea to invest in yesterdays tech, particularly if you can make your devices last a good...
  18. JezzerP

    Gen 3 12.9 touchscreen problem

    I have not heard of anything similar I'm afraid, and my iPad Pro is working fine. It is kind of ironic that it is the iOS keys that are failing....sorry, couldn't resist!! ;) If keys aren't working and Apple can't fix them then keep sending them back....the device is not fit for purpose and...
  19. JezzerP

    Ipad Pro screen capture

    Never tried it, but it looks like you can record your iPad screen with sound directly using the following advice : How to record the screen on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch However, the caveat it gives is that sound recording might not be available on some apps. The other issue might be...
  20. JezzerP

    iPad Pro has lost its brains (?)

    I have experienced something similar with slow typing, but to be honest I don't recall doing anything 'special' to fix it. Reboots and maybe an iOS update or two has seen the back of it....are you running the latest version of iOS?
  21. JezzerP

    Forcing Safari to refresh?

    Ok, if you go to Settings > Safari and scroll down towards the bottom, there is a ‘Clear History and Website Data’ option which will flush everything from the cache. That said, the ‘Refresh’ arrow in the right-hand side of the address bar in Safari ‘should’ reload the page and display any...
  22. JezzerP

    What music are you listening to right now!?!?

    Listening to a very mediocre pianist playing cheesy elevator music in the lounge bar of our hotel in Sorrento, Italy [emoji634]
  23. JezzerP

    Tapatalk followers

    Grief! You are streets ahead of me then! I’ve recently hit 200 followers. Not had any strange messages thankfully [emoji15]
  24. JezzerP

    Tapatalk followers

    Just a quick question to see if any other tapatalk users are experiencing the same as me. As of a month or so ago, I have been gaining 4-6 ‘followers’ every day!! What’s it all about? I’m not a big forum user and I have no idea why anyone would want to follow me. What does following on tapatalk...
  25. JezzerP

    Coming soon....

    Loving it so far. Having so much screen 'real estate' is an absolute bonus.....lovely for reading and videos. It still feels a bit strange carrying it around though, feels a bit more like a laptop in that respect. It's so fast as old iPad Air would take an age to open-up my large...
  26. JezzerP

    which size is better ipad

    I really think you will have to go and compare the three different sizes side-by-side. Only you can really determine which size will be best suited for your needs.
  27. JezzerP

    Coming soon....

    Loving it so far. Very fast compared to the Air I gave to my lad. Still in the process of selecting which apps to install and getting them downloaded. Haven't really used the pencil yet, but it feels great in the hand, and I think I will use it a lot. Disappointed with the sleeve. It's ok...
  28. JezzerP

    Coming soon....

    Once it was out of its wrapper, it didn't take too long to get it set up initially.
  29. JezzerP

    Coming soon....

    It didn't stay it's box for long!!
  30. JezzerP

    Coming soon....

    It's here!!
  31. JezzerP

    Coming soon....

    It's coming early :)
  32. JezzerP

    Coming soon....

    Great stuff!! Still looking at next week for mine at the moment.
  33. JezzerP

    What music are you listening to right now!?!?

    Copyright issues maybe?
  34. JezzerP

    What music are you listening to right now!?!?

    Very any of my others play for you?
  35. JezzerP

    What music are you listening to right now!?!?

    A very young looking Jools Holland prancing around in his days with the band, Squeeze
  36. JezzerP

    What music are you listening to right now!?!?

    Some good tracks on this album from a-ha
  37. JezzerP

    What music are you listening to right now!?!?

    Not a video for the feint-hearted!
  38. JezzerP

    Coming soon....

    I don't know. The different items are being sent from different places apparently, and as I asked for a single delivery, they have to be brought together before being shipped onto me.