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    Apple Pencil.

    I have the earlier version as well and use it a lot with the Nebo app to write handwritten notes and convert to next. It learns to recognize your handwriting quite efficiently. The charging and pairing is awkward. I originally bought it for sketching (use procreate) but use it more for...
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    Image/Photo Thread Of Any Images You Would Like To Share....

    One day old baby. Photo taken through my dining room window so a bit blurry
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    Screen brightness

    I have been experiencing the same problem recently. I am suspicious of a possible failing battery as it also does not hold a charge as long as it used to. Plan to visit apple store, hour and a half away, when they open up. Mine is a 2017 10.5 pro. Should not be worn out yet but I do put a...
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    White dot in the middle of my screen

    Could assistive touch. Gotten switched on
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    Reverting back to desktop

    Under the safari settings, check to see if “request desktop website” is checked “for all websites”
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    Does playing games in iPad will damage it?

    And if you stick your tongue out again it will fall off
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    Forum Game : Take a word, leave a word.

    Watch band
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    Goofy question about Apple’s awesome looking boxes....

    I always save the boxes as having them helps when you upgrade and want to resell the old device
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    Anyone using Procreate?

    I am a watercolor artist and use Procreate for all my preliminary sketching. I like being able to draw each component of a composition separately and then insert, resize, move objects around until satisfied. I then print it out to the dimensions I want and transfer(trace) to watercolor paper...
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    Forum Game : Take a word, leave a word.

    Piano concerto
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    Forum Game : Take a word, leave a word.

    Plan ahead
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    iPad mini 2019

    I originally purchased the pencil for sketching but use it a lot for taking handwritten notss and converting to text with nebo app
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    Forum Game : Take a word, leave a word.

    Pedestrian crossing
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    Forum Game : Take a word, leave a word.

    Guide dog
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    Forum Game : Take a word, leave a word.

    Plant based
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    Forum Game : Take a word, leave a word.

    Vampire costume
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    Forum Game : Take a word, leave a word.

    Game on
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    What's the last movie you saw?

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    iPad pencil

    Wondering if the new pencil will attach magnetically if the ipad pro is in a case?
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    Coming soon....

    The "Apple Pencil Cozy" from Amazon works well
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    watchOS 4

    Really enthusiastic about the new ios. The Siri watch face and especially the file on the ipad
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    Hola iPad Forums!

    Not necessarily
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    Mass delete of sent mail

    My mail app was taking up a lot of space and I realized that while I periodically deleted everything in the "trash"and "junk" folders, I had not been doing the same in "sent". The idea of marking a seven year accumulation for deletion was pretty daunting. I found this instruction for mass...
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    Overdrive comment

    Use Overdrive a lot. Some libraries even have a "recommend" list where you can recommend new releases even before the library acquires them. You are then automatically at the top of the "hold" when it becomes available.
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    The Unofficial iPad Amateur Radio Club

    Looks like we were studying about the same time. I received my tech license in 1992 in Washington State. I used it for mobile and marine , mostly 2 meter, use for several years. I have been pretty much inactive the last few years, mostly due to the convenience of smart phones. We have...
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    Mike Gain?

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    Apple Watch Enjoys “Best Quarter Ever” as Fitbit Sales Decline

    I have no experience with the others but have both an apple watch and a fitbit charge HR. There is a world of difference. Cant really compare features. i was gifted with the fitbit and liked it the first few weeks as a fitness reminder. After about three months, it would no longer hold a...
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    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    Close enough to see the mushroom cloud from the frontyard which ended up covered in ash.
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    Apple Pencil!

    Appreciate the mention of the Nebo app. I downloaded it and really like it. By far superior to any other handwriting conversion I have tried. My motivation for buying the ipadpro was the pencil and I use it for sketching utilizing Procreate but until you suggested Nebo had not fully...
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    What are you reading now?

    Re-reading Orwells 1984. Hard to believe it was written in the 40’s
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    Some 9.7-inch iPad Pros Are Being Bricked by iOS 9.3.2

    Has this problem been fully resolved? Is it now safe to upgrade ios o. Ipad pro 9.7?
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    Crashes Persist for Some iPad Pro 9.7-inch Models [Follow-Up]

    Has this issue been fully resolved. Is it now safe to update my 9.7 pro
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    Thick Black Line!!!!!!!

    I had a similar problem with an older iphone some time back. It turned out to be from the magnetic closure on the cheap knock off case I has it in. Through the case away and the problem never came back. May not be relative but thought it worth sharing
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    Apps won't download from the App Store

    It is now working
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    What are you reading now?

    Yes, read every last one of them and looking forward to the next. I did not care for the Steiger Larsson series although many have told me they loved them.
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    Sending messages problem ? IPad Air

    I have a iPad Air, wifi only. I find the iMessage only works on it with sending messages to iphone users and ipad users who have iMessage enabled on their device. Whereas I can message to any contacts on my iphone regardless of what type of phone they have. I added a verizon (my iphone...
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    iPad Aire questions

    I have an ipad2 16g. I regret buying only 16. I will definitely go to at least 32 when I upgrade. I am constantly having to remove stuff because I am running out of space. I have kindle, nook and iBooks, and use all,of them. My biggest space eater has turned out to be pdfs's stored on...
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    Issues with Air

    I am convinced it is a software compatibility issue with ios 7 and safari rather than a defect in the ipad air. My spouse and I are both using ipad2's and have had constant crashing since downloading ios 7 We were going to purchase two ipad airs but have decided to hold off until this is...
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    Google Maps is in the Appstore!

    Any way to get Siri to go to google map when giving directions
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    ipad mini purchase

    I engraved an iPod touch when they first came out. I regretted it later when I upgraded and found the engraving prevented resale. She will love the mini.