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    Is Evi as Good as Siri?

    So far I've found Evi to be useless. I downloaded it yesterday at around It's now 11 A.M. the next day and it still says it can't connect with it's servers after every question I ask it. So that's .99 cents down the drain. Try the app called "Voice Actions". It works somewhat better...
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    New to This

    Does anyone know how to post a new question without having to reply to an already existing post?
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    New to This

    Sorry I'm new to this too and I'm trying to figure out how to reply to someones post.
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    Folders for videos - can it be done

    One thing you might want to try is to go into iTunes on your computer and once it's up and running tap "movies" under "library" on the left side of the screen. Then select one of the movies. Right mouse click, a box will open up and select "get info". Under the existing movie title, change...
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    iPad battery performance

    I have a first gen iPad. I've noticed that my iPad battery drains pretty quick as well, even over night when not in use. I never power the iPad completely off, I just put it into sleep mode and it would still lose power over night. One thing I've started doing is putting the iPad into...
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    Make Any iBook Into An Audiobook For Free On iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad

    Excellent tip on turning the iOS devices into an audio ibook reader. Thank you.
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    iOS devices sluggish

    Hi everyone. I just thought I'd pass along some info that helped me a lot. I was having some issues with sluggishness with my iPod Touch 4th generation, and my 1st generation iPad, ever since the iOS 5 update. When I would power it up, it would take sometimes up to 8 seconds before I could...
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    Sluggish After Upgrade

    Thanks Rich. I've done the hard reboot of both devices to no avail. I don't back up to the cloud so that isn't causing the problem. I think it's an iOS glitch ( I'm hoping).
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    Sluggish After Upgrade

    Hi. I have an iPad 1 and a 4th generation iPod. Both are sluggish to respond now since the iOS 5 update. I've noticed the sluggish typing and sometimes when I shut off the screen it takes a few seconds to shut off. I really hope Apple fixes this problem. Nothing has changed since the update...