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    Does iPad bluetooth work now ?

    What kind of car head set do you have? I'd like to try that, what kind of car Bluetooth head set do you have?;)
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    iPad vs HP Slate

    Let's not forget that Bill Gates himself triednto get a Windows tablet off the ground over ten years ago at both Comdex 2000 and 2001. That didn't fly then, but HP may get it off the ground now that the iPad has launched along with some of it's version 1.0 limitations. Personally, to me...
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    2nd Impressions after a week

    Same with my pickle fingers Yeah that would be nice to move back to correct w/o erasing along the way. I agree that it was indeed more, in my case, much more than I expected, as I pre-ordered pretty much on hype alone, AM I GLAD I DID! Happy camper here, :)