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  1. jmccamb

    Adblocker and battery life

    I own an iPad two an recently jailbroke it using absinthe. I like to keep the jailbreak as minimal as possible and avoid themes, massive tweaks and process that run in the background. One extension the I admittedly jailbroke for is the adblocker extension available in cydia. It seems to work...
  2. jmccamb

    Heelppppppppppp!!!!!! pleease!

    Jailbreak it
  3. jmccamb

    Belkin snap shield

    I bought one for my iPad 2 at best buy a few months ago and only after a week of use the corners cracked. I haven't dropped it or abused it, kind of a bummer.
  4. jmccamb

    Don't Buy An iPad 2 Wait For The iPad 3

    Wish I could see the link. I understand why the rule is in place but in this case it doesn't seem reasonable.
  5. jmccamb

    Issues with my daughters iPad

    The great thing about apple is that they don't leave you in the cold after buying a product. If it isn't working correctly don't hesitate to make a genius bar appointment to get a replacement. Just be honest about the problem and I have no doubt they will replace the iPad with no hesitation...
  6. jmccamb

    Best Ipad case

    I like the smart cover. Unlike the iPhone the iPad doesn't encounter crazy damage prone situations for most users. This allows the iPad to enjoy the freedom from bulky cases which detract from the overall experience. If you don't take your iPad with you often I would recommend the smart cover...
  7. jmccamb

    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Chat Thread

    I would try using the iPad normally. It's actually more enjoyable, speaking as a former jailbreaker. This is my opinion however.
  8. jmccamb

    Dns setting

    I have used both Google DNS and Open DNS. I would pick OpenDNS because it also protects you from fishing scams and things like that. They are both wicked fast, but from my experience Google's is a little bit faster.
  9. jmccamb


    Try the following: Double click the home button and hold and close the safari icon with the red minus sign. Head into setting and under safari click clear browsing data and history and whatever other option they give you. Relaunch safari and try it out. If that doesn't work try a hard reset...
  10. jmccamb

    Need help with contact doubles

    There is an awesome app in the Mac app store for this issue. It's called contact cleaner. Check it out.
  11. jmccamb

    Ipad crashing

    I heard unchecking all items under spotlight in the general setting frees up a lot of ram too.
  12. jmccamb

    Zagg Invisible Shield.

    Anyone every use it? I am curious to see what other people's experiences are with it.
  13. jmccamb

    new ipad 2, having charging troubles, whilst powered down.

    I know what process you are talking about, and its perfectly okay if the iPad turns on after you charge it. The important part of the process is that the OS gets a chance to "calibrate" your battery by using the only real known values of 0% and 100%. The software is actually not very accurate in...
  14. jmccamb

    Best ipad browser

    Safari is the absolute fastest javascript rendering browser, however after using both Atomic and iCab I have to say that iCab is the best third party option I have seen. iCab has a safari like appearance and prevents the browser from crashing by unloading and resetting tabs to clear RAM. It...
  15. jmccamb

    Will restoring my ipad improve its performance

    Hey, i just thought I would add my 2 cents. Since getting my iPad a month ago, I noticed my battery life dropping fast, wifi acting weird, and generally sluggish performance. After searching Apple forums (literately for hours) reading countless suggestions I can say with absolute certainty that...
  16. jmccamb

    Ipad 2 screen burn

    Mine looks like it has screen burn sometimes near the bottom but it occurs only when a static image is in the same spot for a while. It seems temporary. More then screen burn it looks like a slight yellow tinge. I spent too much time over-thinking a similar issue on my iMac but my advice is...
  17. jmccamb


    Hey. Sorry about the links.
  18. jmccamb


    Just joined and downloaded the app. Hope I can learn some stuff and help people with different stuff. I have had my iPad for about a few weeks now. I was a little apprehensive dropping $500 at one time, but I so do not regret that decision looking back on it. I am thinking about getting a back...
  19. jmccamb

    Uverse wifi problems

    If you have a 2wire router first try visiting this address in your browser: You will then have to go look at the sticker on your 2wire router and copy down both sets of numbers listed. They will be called something like system key and wireless key. (keep these numbers for future...