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    The Official I got my iPad 2 Thread!

    I have had my iPad 2 32 3G Wifi for two weeks now and love it. It is very responsive. I was a first adopter of iPad 1 and got it the first day. Some of you may not know that the Apple store will take iPad 1 back as a donation to Teach for America and you will get a donation for your taxes in the...
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    Do you think the smart cover is the best case for ipad 2?

    I had the blue iPad cover and returned it for full refund after I bought a black "leather" full cover by Targus at Best Buy. It covers the whole iPad and I can actually see that it is white before you turn it on. I want my iPad fully covered.:) This cover was .99 more a great buy at $39.99.
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    Hi I have an iPad 2 white 32 3G and Wifi and really enjoy it. My iPad 1 is in retirement and...

    Hi I have an iPad 2 white 32 3G and Wifi and really enjoy it. My iPad 1 is in retirement and will probably donate it to Apple's "Teach for America". You can donate at any Apple store.
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    Would you be interested in a 7-inch Apple iPad?

    Hopefully it would belighter weight to hold and carry.:)
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    I Now Have a Big Paperweight

    I had the same thing on my IPhone4 on Friday trying to download and install 4.0.1 I spent all day on the phone with Apple. It is a firmware problem as sent the phone back Saturday. Hope to have a new one Monday. I won't even try my iPad.:confused:
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    Ipad treated as a computer in Zurich and Rome

    Taking off my shoes is hard for me as I am a senior. If you are flying back through Zurich, the lines are extremely long so take out the iPad! I was traveling with a group and some asked me about the Pad and how I liked it. I used it in my room for the wireless and security. Security at Zurich...
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    Ipad treated as a computer in Zurich and Rome

    Just back from trip to Rome via Zurich. Had to take out my iPad in Zurich even though they knew it was an iPad. Said it was a computer. Best to take out your iPad so you go thru security the first time. Worked great in Rome with wireless from the hotel.:)
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    Israel lifts ban on imports of Apple iPad

    That is a relief as I am traveling to Israel in October and would like use my iPad on the plane.:)
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    nytimes, wsj, usa today

    I got a paid monthly subscription to WSJ and it is easy to subscribe. I have really enjoyed reading it and it is great with the iPad!:)
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    UPS delivery - YIKES!

    Mine on way from Cedar Rapids Iowa to Boise. Should arrive in less than half hour. Just hope it is delivered sometime today! Good luck everyone!
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    No UPS saturday delivery Houston area

    No Saturday Delivery :(I will have to wait for Monday delivery too as no Saturday delivery here in the capitol of Idaho. We don't even have an Apple store except we do have Best Buy. This is disappointing!
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    Want A Free iPad? Go To (Or Back To) College

    Seton Hall is in New Jersey.:)
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    Getting Ready to Ship

    My iPad is prepared to ship. I ordered March 12 7:00AM PDT Wow can hardly wait!:ipad-front: This is like when I waited for Kindle 1 for 5 weeks before getting it.
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    Hi I am waiting for the delivery in 9 days. I am a Kindler who has both Kindle 1 and 2. I am looking forward to a new reading experience on the iPad. I enjoy my iPhone and also my Touch but look forward to the larger screen. Thanks for this forum. iMac 2 Nanos iPhone original iTouch 3rd...