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    First IPad Unboxing Video!

    wow dammit i want saturday to get here even more now:)
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    Different Power adapters?

    yes if it was like the macbookair adaptor you have to connect one into the other for the sysytem to work
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    Screen Protector--Necessary or Not?

    here is one reason why you shouldnt get a screen protector if your a careful person here are the official apple specs copied from apple .comDisplay 9.7-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit glossy widescreen Multi-Touch display with IPS technology 1024-by-768-pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch...
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    iTunes 9.1 is now up!

    this is weirs i did the itunes update yesterday and when i synched my iphone this am when i went to edit songs and stuff it has addeed a full picture of my iphone and added a option to convert higher bit rate songs.
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    What other Apple products do you own?

    hey i have a 27 inch imac, a 24 inch imac, and a g-5 and a ipad (saturday) as well as a iphone 3gs and a ipod 5th gen i think im gonna slow down soon but then i want the new iphone when it comes out this summer.
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    Best Buy's iPad Launch Day Plans Released

    Bestbuy ipads Hi i called my best buy in Sierra vista arizona and they will have them available at the launch date, because i live in a small town this is awesome i dont have to order or i hope wait in along line for the ipad:) i forgot to ask if they are going to sell the cradle at the store...
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    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    i suffer from cancer and i have a 27 inch imac and am going through chemo right now, so alot of days it hard for me to sit at my desk for long periods so the ipad will allow me the ability to be in bed and not struggle with a laptop and also im blind in one eye from my iraq days as a solider so...
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    Sharing iTunes with iPod

    you will have a ipad section just like the iphone or ipod you click the ipad in the menu it will show you the disk space available and have the tabs where you can choose what to sink and what not to its just like what happens when you sync ipod or iphone its just as simple. try synching your...
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    Wireless Flash Drive

    i just preorderd one for my 16 gig ipad comming soon yea:)
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    140,000 apps at your fingertips. From day one.

    Hello, does anyone know if the vonage for ipod touch app will work on the ipad since they are the same os
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    My hopeless everyday routine!!!!

    hey guys, i have one up on you guys i walk to my local apple store everyday god im sick to just look at the signs and to browse the store, the manager actually offered me a job the other day. its crazy i know god help me :)
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    Multi-User Password Protection?

    i called apple ipad support you will be able to passcode like on the iphone but there is no multiply users just like on the iphone sorry to let you know but you can put a code in to lock the iphone
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    iPad Controller for Games?

    thta makes sense to just use your iphone or ipod to control the games . it would be easy to hardware adapt them for that smart idea :)
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    Purchasing Applecare for the iPad

    is it avaiable in arizona?
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    Wireless Flash Drive

    hi guys, this looks awesome so stupid question can i take a movie from itunes drag on to my memory card hook this up to wifi and watch it anywhere i ma on my ipad can i put documents and stuff like that on it to ?
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    Change in delivery dates?

    keyboard delay i think they are redesigning the keyboard for the hidden surprises to come shipped with the ipad like a camera just a thought also i think they are redesigning the camera usb kit ( you cant even order that right now on the website) to fit a mac book air drive setup...
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    Plan on getting a Zagg Invisibleshield for your iPad? sorry i was typing to fast
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    Plan on getting a Zagg Invisibleshield for your iPad?

    you guys need to try bodyguradz at they are cheaper and it doesnt affect the screen or touch abilities at all.
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    How do i reserve one?

    well as i said and no need for you kilted tim to be rude and think or elude i don't know what im saying, i will inform you my bf works for apple in tucson arizona so id do have a apple insider here beside me and its apple policy if you pre-order a product you will pay then and there so it can...
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    How do i reserve one?

    hi, you will be charged when you order from the apple on line store it is a reservation int he sense that you will get a ipad with payment when they become aviable, i hope this was helpful
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    1st to play with iPad

    hey i was in the apple store here in tucson yesterday and I saw a manager i assume come out of the office with a box in a apple bag he put it on the counter briefly i saw the letters on the odd shaped box the first letters were ip it look like the box on the website, i cant say if it was but i...
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    Official - release dates and preorder! APRIL

    Hey, justa question does this mean the 3gplus wifi will be available in may or june what do you guys think?
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    About to hit 1000 members....

    Hello johnny, I would like to thank you for this site it is wonderful to read allot of the forums and get away from the twitter and google mess we see everyday. I am so awaiting the time to get my 16 gig 3gplus wifi sometime in april or may. You hit a web high when you created this site.
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    Late March iPad Release still ON!

    hey has anyone heard when the 3gplus wifi will actually be out in april ive got the money for the 1g gig saved but its burning a hole in my pocket:)
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    iPad Case Reviews

    Icandy has a cool case the plastic bubble with the screen protector gets my vote :)
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    Lock screen code for ipad

    thank you windex for making that clear to this guy i thought i was being clear enough to him. Do you think they will have the lock code like the iphone and ipod have since its the same operating os and iphone ?
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    Lock screen code for ipad

    i have passwords i just wanted to know the main lock screen code was going to be there thats all my friend
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    i think its coming this week. Check Apple webpage.

    hey if i read the thread on the website right i think they made a mistake it says 199.00 for price i think the thread may have confused new ipod with ipad:)
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    Lock screen code for ipad

    hi i appreciate the feedback but wouldn't it state that in the tech facts if it was included on the ipad, that is the only thing that worries me about the ipad is if im out in public on it and put it down or even at home with people visiting i would like to be able to protect my emails and...
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    Lock screen code for ipad

    hey does anyone know yet if there will be a lock screen like on iphone and ipod where you can auto lock phone and put in a code to unclock?
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    Ipad Down to Sale Time, No preorder?

    hey my friend i think apple is holding off the pre-order to hype up the in-store cells and apple retails tore sales, i know by reading that apple is trying to create a market for the ipad and as we all know apple does things in a secret manner. also it may be due to other reasons as fcc final...
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    Why Apple don't need to scare the Window based tablet

    My advice my friend take the piece of crap tablet back and get money back or store credit. the ipad may not have a cam but you dont need one really on the ipad all it will do is look up your nose:) the ipad isn't meant to be a computer its a multi media device made by apple that you want have...
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    So many iPad Haters

    HI my Friend, I totally agree with your statements. Most people like windows based crap because they are cheap and they are crap. I have to save to buy apple products but i would never own a pc and as far as the people hating steve jobs I think it is because he stands behind his apple line...
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    HI iM Durant

    Hi guys i love this site. I am getting the new ipad 3g version due to Im blind in one eye, this ipad allows me to have a bigger screen than my iphone and keeps my headaches from squinting down. I have the 27 inch imac as my big mac so this is the perfect thing for a blind veteran to have if i...
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    So many iPad Haters

    Every one thought he iphone was crap at first but look we all have one or most of us Hi everyone, I will be t the first to say i will be ordering the ipad 3g+wifi version in april, I am a die hard fan. people tend to forget that apple products hold value and work so much better than a p.c...