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    PDair iPad Cases

    PDair Cases for iPad No, I am not working for them as I never post anything about this company. This is the first time.
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    PDair iPad Cases

    I have recently bought the PDair leather case (Book Type) for my New iPad. The handmade case is of high quality and just perfect fit for my device. The genuine leather makes the case look more professional and I can say it is value for money. You can have a look on this case. Aluminum...
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    What are your opinions of these iPad cases?

    Apart from the silicone i would not consider others from your selection provided, also please change the silicone to black if it was me whose purchasing it. hope it helps.
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    What are your opinions of these iPad cases?

    I think it's quite a bummer also for me, I usually prefer leather as a form of protection. PDair Leather Case for Apple iPad - Book Type/Magnet Closure (Black) by PDair - waiting for this to arrive, this should go well with my suit and suitcase work look. it will give me some good...
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    Is it another rumor

    Care to pre-order yours? as expected, April 3rd iPad - Apple Store (U.S.) Enjoy guys...
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    Is it another rumor

    But some did receive info on release on 3rd April, and pre-orders on 12th, we'll see about that in just 2 more days wont we? :)
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    iPad Case Reviews

    It's funny that shops from all over the world already claiming they have the best cases for the iPad already, when well, I dunno, I aint seen one released yet, I thought it would be like pre-order now, and receive it early April or something. Makes me wonder about the fit of the cases, when...
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    How to protect you're precious

    I have had one of these for my Lenovo S10 PDair Leather Case for Lenovo IdeaPad Lite S10e (for 6 Cell Extended Battery) - Book Type (Black) by PDair - very pleased with it, and if they decide to work on an iPad one, I'm definately gonna go grab one first thing it's out. Kept my...