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    How to play psx games on your iPad

    I watched the whole pointless video there waiting for the hack to enable full screen, thanks for the mis-information.
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    No, forums work brilliantly when everyone with the same problem creates a new thread. </facepalm>
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    Why start a new thread for this? You've already found and added a reply to the existing thread about this exact topic.
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    iOS 4.2 beta version issues - Read before posting about locked iOS 4.2 restore

    Just a heads up laxman - your Enter key is broken.
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    Remote desktop on iPad...

    If you wish to keep the main display active while you're connecting through the iPad, you will need to use one of the VNC apps that are available. It's designed behaviour for an RDP connection to lock the session at the workstation end as soon as you log in.
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    Newly Jailbroken...need advice on apps.

    Also of note: Categories + categoriesSB - create folders to categorise your apps FullForce - run some iPhone apps in full iPad resolution. Doesn't work with many apps but does with Facebook, DoodleJump, TV Plus to name a few Psx4all - PS1 emulator iFile - explore the iPad file system with...
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    Camera Connection Kit + Jailbreak = cheap video storage!

    I meant cheap in comparison to forking out the extra dough apple want for a 64gb version not cheap in comparison to whatever 3rd party product it is you wish you bleat on about. With the added ability that a jailbreak and CCK give you, you can get the 16gb model and just use sd cards to...
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    Play .wmv files?

    Not all encoding apps seem to produce iTunes compliant mp4 files. I find that the aleesoft iPad converter for example never gives me an mp4 which iTunes likes. I found that running the mp4 through avidemux 2.5 (just remixing to a new mp4) solved this. I then later found that Tmpgenc 4 xpress...
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    Camera Connection Kit + Jailbreak = cheap video storage!

    Yes, I needed it before I go on holiday next week so payed eBay price to get one.
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    Camera Connection Kit + Jailbreak = cheap video storage!

    My 32gb card is a Kingston but my 2gb card is a Sandisk and that works fine also. Maybe your sandisk card is formatted in ntfs or something?
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    Jailbreak with 3.2 but what will I do when 4 is release

    You are free to upgrade to iOS 4 the day it comes out if you want to. You'd lose your jailbreak of course and all the benefits that go with it but being jail broken now will not prevent you from upgrading later. Personally, I'm not excited about OS4 in the slightest, all the major improvements...
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    Anyone else having a problem with brightness/SBSettings?

    Yes, I've seen this a few times.
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    Camera Connection Kit + Jailbreak = cheap video storage!

    Yes, in fact I don't even have a camera that takes SD, I bought the kit purely to allow additional storage for video on my iPad.
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    Camera Connection Kit + Jailbreak = cheap video storage!

    Additional: in the iFile preferences, set the default directory to var/mnt/mount1 to save having to browse there or use a bookmark. For my sun breaks in Cyprus, I already have Archer, Caprica and Leverage encoded to mp4 and on the sd card. Just need to choose a few more series to encode and I'm...
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    Camera Connection Kit + Jailbreak = cheap video storage!

    I'm converting everything to .mp4. For tv episodes I've found you can leave the x264 video as is and just re-encode the audio to aac (quite a quick job with avidemux). For movies or an episode that needs a complete re-encode, I'm using tmpgenc xpress 4.0 set to 1000kbps average video (14,000...
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    Camera Connection Kit + Jailbreak = cheap video storage!

    I got my camera connection kit today and was extremely eager to find out what I could do with it with a jailbroken iPad, the results are extremely pleasing. Basically, I've determined that iFile will read the card just as if it were part of the internal file system so everything you can do...
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    Syncing files without iTunes?

    Ordered direct from the Apple store - £25 + about £5 shipping but there's a massive wait for them (about 4-6 weeks). You get an SD adapter and a USB adapter.
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    Syncing files without iTunes?

    Sounds like iFile fits your bill perfectly. Assuming you're jailbroken, which your post suggests you are, it's available through cydia for $4. If you have the camera connection kit, ifile will also allow you to browse sd cards and USB sticks. My camera kit is on order so I haven't been able to...
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    Play .wmv files?

    If it doesn't let you import it, it's not supported by the conversion feature. From your post above: There's plenty of other ways you can convert wmv offline but the easiest is probably to install air video and use the "convert offline" option. This will create an iPad compatible version in the...
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    Updated Facebook??

    Your obviously jail broken so just install FullForce from Cydia. This will add a FullForce section to the main settings app where you can toggle the fullscreen hack for you apps quickly and easily.
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    ITunes and IPad

    Hm, I've not tried cloning my iTunes library before so I can't comment on how well that works. Unless you take special steps though (like cloning) iTunes will want to nuke the contents of your iDevice when you switch machines. From memory, the two options it gives you are "erase and sync" i.e...
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    ITunes and IPad

    You can only sync your iDevice with 1 iTunes library at any given time. You can switch to another library but you have to let iTunes remove all content and then sync whatever is in the new library. If you are forced to restore while on the road, that's no problem, just make sure you have all...
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    When is Doodle Jump Coming to the iPad?

    The phone version is also compatible with FullForce so you can enjoy it fullscreen without pixel doubling.
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    Minimum brightness hack?

    I thought the exact same thing last night when I was using my iPad in bed, the screen is definitely too bright for very dimly lit environments. Hopefully apple will fix this pretty quick.
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    Someone got my iTunes account!!!

    My account was hacked a month or so back. My bank called asking if I'd spent about £40 on iTunes, which I hadn't. When I logged into the iTunes store, the regional settings were now Chinese and they had bought a few apps and games. My credit card issuer gave me the money back no problems but...