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  1. CPGoldstein

    Empower? To get or not to get? That is the question ...

    Nope, I haven't ... thanks Tim. I guess the Empower is not a good idea then, huh? -CP
  2. CPGoldstein

    Empower? To get or not to get? That is the question ...

    Hi all, I will be traveling to Europe from Atlanta in 3 weeks and will be taking my first gen with me. I've got 3 movies and a lot of games to play on the flight if I want/need. I do know with the wireless off, my battery life will be great. But in case I want to chat on FB via wireless, I...
  3. CPGoldstein

    Airplane USB charger?

    Hi friends, Is there such a thing as an airplane charger usb adapter where I can charge my ipad via the 2 prong ear piece on the chair arm? I'm headed to San Diego for a week when school is over and then two weeks later to Europe and I don't want to run my battery down. Thanks! -CP
  4. CPGoldstein

    ThinkGeek Launches Aluminium Joystick-It Arcade Stick for iPad

    Is anybody else disappointed with these? I find the suction cup is too small to stick to the screen and it comes unattached very easily. This makes gaming on the ipad very poor.
  5. CPGoldstein

    Traveling Abroad

    I'll be traveling throughout Europe this summer and I'm just going to rely on my free wifi. I can't imagine having to buy anything extra. Perhaps I am wrong?
  6. CPGoldstein

    Email notification app?

    Instead of having to tap the home button twice to see running programs, is there a program that allows for that screen to be a permanent fixture so I can see if I got email, or when it's my move for words with friends, etc. Thanks! - CP
  7. CPGoldstein

    Tennessee basketball

    If you're watching the Florida v Tennessee mens college basketball game, look for #11 ... He's a former student of mine! Go Trae! :)
  8. CPGoldstein

    iPad useage overseas?

    Hi friends, I am a member of People-to-People, an organization which takes students around the world to learn about culture, etc. I am either headed back to Australia/New Zealand (I love it there - wish my wife and I could move here!) or back to Europe (also love it here!) My question is...
  9. CPGoldstein

    best video to ipad converter

    I just want to be able to insert DVD and let it rip to my HD, so I could watch it at another time via Air Video program. Is there a 100% free DVD ripping program? Thanks friends!
  10. CPGoldstein

    Is there an app killer?

    No - I am afraid to!!!
  11. CPGoldstein

    Is there an app killer?

    Hi Friends, Instead of clicking the home button twice to stop each running app, is there one aoo that will do all of them at the same time? Thanks! -CP
  12. CPGoldstein

    iPad, Geocaching and MotionX GPS

    My imports are not showing up ... any ideas?
  13. CPGoldstein

    ClamCase for your iPad

    Just came across this case this morning ... it looks great and very promising. I just may have to get one! -CP
  14. CPGoldstein

    iPad, Geocaching and MotionX GPS

    Great post, thanks Deckyon! I'm going to go caching tomorrow and looking forward to using my iPad (in the car) and my <cough, cough> android phone in the field! -CP
  15. CPGoldstein

    Does this app exist?

    Hello Friends, Is there an app that will allow me to DL a youtube video as a whole to place on my iPad? Or is it illegal as well? Thanks! -CP
  16. CPGoldstein

    Any Geocachers use their iPad?

    Kinda .. it's a great hobby you can do with the entire family or solo. I have made many friends around the world as I geocached (I had a family drive 2.5 hours from where they lived to meet me in Sydney and I keep in touch with them to this day - as a matter of fact, they are planning a trip to...
  17. CPGoldstein

    LEGO Harry Potter game

  18. CPGoldstein

    LEGO Harry Potter game

    I don't see the walkthrough ... can you post it? Thanks!
  19. CPGoldstein

    Any Geocachers use their iPad?

    My wife and I are avid geocachers - have just under 2800 caches in nearly 40 states, 5 countries (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA & Fiji.) We are eager to use the iPad to cache - does anybody use it for geocaching? If so, do you use the "official" geocaching app, or something else? We use...
  20. CPGoldstein

    Any more LEGO games for the iPad?

    The only games I play on my PS3 and iPad are the LEGO ones - I just think they are done amazingly. This being said, besides Harry Potter, are there any more LEGO games for the iPad in the works? Anybody know anything? Thanks friends! Happy Holidays! -CP
  21. CPGoldstein

    LEGO Harry Potter game

    Can someone provide a link to a walkthrough? I'm stuck in the very beginning! Argh! Thanks!
  22. CPGoldstein

    What accessories do I need?

    Hi friends, I have been looking at Ebay for iPad accessories, and there are a lot of bundled packages that interest me. However, I'm not really sure I need the stylus and a few others just "thrown in." I definitely want a screen protector, a case, another wall outlet charger, perhaps a car...
  23. CPGoldstein

    Best DVD to iPad tool ?

    I have some DIVX videos on my PC at home and would like to load them onto my iPad ... will Handbreak work, or would you recommend another free program? Thanks! -CP
  24. CPGoldstein

    Does this app exist?

    Thank you! I hope someday I can help a noob out like the way you folks are helping me!!!
  25. CPGoldstein

    Does this app exist?

    Hi friends, Just bought my iPad and LOVE it! I am learning so much and having a great time reading your posts, too. Thanks for making this old pup feel good! I was wondering if they have this app, where I can set what shows I want to download. For example, I like the show Community. Can I...
  26. CPGoldstein

    Greetings from Georgia!

    Hi folks, Just got my iPad yesterday and loving it already!! Woot! Woot! I haven't found it yet, but perhaps someone can help me. I have an HTC EVO android phone and I've heard people getting free wifi tethering but have yet to figure what application is needed. Any ideas? Thanks everyone...
  27. CPGoldstein

    Do I or don't I?

    So ... do I buy an Ipad or not? I am torn between it. I have the Sprint EVO and I use that on a regular basis. Can I do the same thing on the iPad that I do on my EVO? Help! Argh! Why did you buy one and what do you use it for? Thanks for helping me!