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    Jailbreak now, or wait till iOS4 for iPad?

    You'll want to jailbreak once Flash is released.. :)
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    LockDown wont install

    LOL @ Unlcebnz.. I hear you bro. There's nothing out right now that is like LockDown. If you want to hide stuff, use Categories and bury them deep. :)
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    Convert Videos and DVDs to iPad?

    Check this link out.. Optimized Handbrake Presets to Encode Video for Your New iPad or iPhone 4
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    Jailbreak is god

    I'd install FullForce as well. It converts iPhone apps to be compatible with iPad. Things like Yelp and Facebook work great on iPad with FullForce.
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    After Jailbreak... now what? I want to copy files to my iPad..

    You need to install AppSync 3.2 if you plan on synchronizing cracked apps wit your iPad.
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    SSH problems

    Try Fugu if you're using a Mac. I've never had an issue connecting to my iPad.